What Manufacturers Are Supporting ONVIF Profile G?

The 'original' ONVIF was for connecting cameras to recorders (now Profile S). The 'new' ONVIF is G, designed to connnect to recorders out to other recorders, access control systems, PSIM, etc. As ONVIF describes it, "the specification designed to store, search, retrieve and playback media on devices or clients that support recording capabilities and on-board storage."

As of March 2014, Release Candidate 2.0 has been published. So it's not official but it's close.

To that end, who is supporting the 'beta' and is anyone planning to support it when it is officially released?

Bosch added preliminary support in 5.60 firmware last year:

ONVIF conformance to Profile S, validated with recent ONVIF test tool 12.06, with additional beta features of Profile G, like search service and replay service.

I haven't seen anything else from them since.

Wavestore was making a big deal about working on Profile G earlier this year.

Other than those two, I've seen nothing.

Based on the last few ONVIF Developer Plugfests at least the following manufacturers are working on Profile G at the moment:

  • Axis
  • Axxonsoft
  • Bosch
  • Canon
  • Dahua
  • Genetec
  • Hikvision
  • Hitron
  • Milestone
  • Samsung
  • Vivotek

And I know of a few others who are also currently developing Profile G integrations but are not yet to a stage where they feel ready to test it at a Developer Plugfest.

Once Profile G is officially released in June-July I expect a quick adoption in the first few months.

Milestone and Genetec both provided feedback on their Profile G support plans.

Milestone: "We are aware of ONVIF Profile G and are still looking into it. For Milestone as of now, we do not have a position one way or the other, if it makes sense for our customers, then of course we will take this into account as we make future product plans."

Genetec: "We are currently working on eventually supporting camera integrations via Profile G to retrieve and playback video from edge devices. We actually have it working in our lab with a few camera vendors.

In terms of supporting access to our recorded video, this is currently supported via our own Software Development Kit (SDK). As such, we are not currently planning to expose recorded video via Profile G format for now. Our SDK provides access to our video using a standard API. Although not in the ONVIF Profile G format for now, it is very similar from a third party integration perspective."

Genetec's approach on Profile G makes business sense to me -- support it to ingest recorded video, but not to feed it out to others.

We talked about this in Recorders Integrating with Other Recorders, VMS suppliers want to be able to control who and how third parties access their video. Otherwise, they risk rivals 'taking over' / 'controlling' their systems.

Overall, I am still a skeptic that VMS / recorder companies are going to allow third parties to control / take video from them via ONVIF G.

Past 3 Developer plug-fest's, Profile-G Prototype had been tested from various device manufacturers and VMS vendors.