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What Kind Of Camera Is This? IP, CVI, TVI, SDI, AHD?

Any of the above? ALL of the above? What does All-in-One refer to?

Kind of weird offering.

Note plug and play pcb modules at bottom. First three features are unlikely to get anyone excited, but it gets better.  This camera also can store and change image settings on PTZ  preset. Also claims sub < 200 ms latency (For IP pcb). Artic mode. Powers other devices in the neighborhood...

Here's the company's slogan:

Join us today, experience the power of a combination of “ Korean tech engine” and “ Made-in-China Cost “.

There's some precedent of speeddomes supporting multiple transmission outputs, given that they tend to be large and expensive in the first place and can therefore justify the additional size/cost of such modules.

Well, if Honeywell starts offering this 1 3 5 years from now, we'll know where they got it from....

Wait a sec, I think we may have mis-judged this Sino-Korean hybrid. Take a look at the uncredited, hard hitting, high quality, in-house industry news pundit they have somehow retained. No offense, John, but this guy could give you a run for your money*. Literally... ;)

*Note the seemingly intentional misspelling in the first title, no doubt just trying to cover their 'Behind'...

Sigh, thanks for finding that. I am going to try to contact someone there and have them remove it.

While your at it, ask them what an eagle leading geese says about teams?