What Is The Fastest Booting Camera That You Know Of?

Which one? How fast is it, any idea? Guesstimates welcome.

Measured from power-on until first frame recorded. One thing I've noticed, some are way slowwwwwww.

I have a device that needs to boot before a random camera displays frame one, so I am also interested in an average.

Analog cameras. Instantaneous, power in than bam!!!

Ok you win.

Can you even imagine my embarrassment?


John, I really like the IP Camera Bootup Shootout. I think the points made about long bootup times impacting installers and possibly being a security risk are on the mark. I'm wondering if any of these manufacturers has gotten better or worse. It stands to reason that since this test is 4 years old that newer hardware and perhaps upgraded Linux distros are being used. Would it make sense to update this test with newer model cameras?

Eric, yes, we'll put it in queue. It's a fairly fast test run (hopefully / no pun intended).

Can you add Samsung cameras, such as SNB-6004 to the test queue? I have heard from sales that boot I very fast.

The 5004 is the fastest one I have, around 35 seconds.