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What Is The Best Way To Handle Cobwebs And Spiders Causing Havoc In CCTV IR Cameras?

I am sure most of you have comes across the scenario of cobwebs and spiders causing havoc in CCTV IR cameras. I have come across various different things on the internet like sprays and oils etc but most do not work.

What do you experts think is the BEST way of handling this situation?

All comments welcome!

What camera models are you having issues with this? It might be caused or exacerbated by the type of model being used (i.e., ring of cheap IR LEDs right next to the lens). 

This happens with all cameras, I'm talking about spiders and cobwebs. Not just IR shining back into the lens.

It does not happen to ALL cameras generally. What models are you using?

Service Contracts

What do you do to the windows when they are dirty? 

Like Mark said, Preventive Maintenance Contract will cover it and could be profitable if done correctly.

I think Im getting the drone out tomorrow:


Morning View

i think you just blew the cobwebs off of this discussion.

we had a factory that had a big dust problem we ran a small air line that would allow the customer to open a valve at floor level to blow the dust away. Of course the factory had compressed air on tap but this would still work even with a cheap portable. Painters extension pole with a feather duster attached ??

We’ve been using Spiderex for several years, lasts around 6 months. It’s amazing to watch run away from around an existing camera.

Can be purchased from Amazon if your not in the UK.



Martin, could you share a link to Amazon for the product? I copied and pasted "Spiderex" into Amazon's search (category "All") and 7 pages of a vast array of health products, some extremely private and personal, were returned. I could not find anything that you describe.

Found it: on Amazon UK: Midas Spiderex Spider Repellent Aerosol Spray for CCTV Cameras:

Had issues with insects and birds,discovered that either like WD40. Birds taking a toilet break on a aerial mains supply cable going past a camera, camera activation plus visit cards on the floor below.Dual evidence who's done it.From camera and the floor.

Used the "tube" inserted in the nozzle of the can and spray reached to the top of the aerial cable. Flies nesting in cracks around camera another one, sprayed the crack in the timber wall, lasted for a year plus.

Internal with possums and other small animals in roof/ceiling space, purchased a metal can with proper moth balls. punched a number of small holes in it and left in ceiling space or wall girders in sheds.

Good Bye Possums and rats. Good for the movement cameras as well as for movement detectors connected to the security system