What Is The Best Non-Ir Analog Camera In Low Light?

This question has come up a few times recently. It's a bit of a tough one, since (1) SD analog new product development has been minimal to nil, (2) HD analog is fairly new and mostly targeted to the low end.

I know DW is releasing AHD cameras that they are marketing as super low light (or whatever their marketing term is). Ethan says Dahua told him they are coming out with Starlight CVI cameras (soon hopefully). There's the Bosch Dinion SD analog model from years ago (tested here) but not sure what is new.

Any ideas or suggestions? Remember, non-IR.

Would it count if it had IR but you could disable it?

Yes, definitely. Thanks.

I know your scornful of them but they are pretty decent, provided you use them with a compatible DVR hardware and client software.

1280H Samsung. It's weird to have 3 times the horizontal resolution than vertical, but that's NTSC's fault, really. Truth be told the DVR bricked after a couple weeks, but before that...

Bracing for scorn...

That makes sense given that they use new imagers, which is the problem for most of non HD analog.

1280H as an overall trend or technology is silly but if someone needs to plug in a low light camera to an existing SD install, it could make sense.

Best at what?

Low light.

That'll teach me to check IPVM after bedtime.

I've always been impressed with Digital Watchdog. This AHD box camera with a fast lens will give you a really good low light color image.

For SD performance, I've always liked the Panasonic CP500 series.

The WV-CP504 is still around! Now, it's only ~$200. I could have swore, years ago, that same camera was in the $400 range, though with the decline of pricing overall and higher resolution competition, that makes sense.

Waltec has some very lowlight analog cameras