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What Is The Best Giveaway You Received At A Trade Show?

I like USB memory sticks... Any other good ones?

Penthouse at a baseball game!

I am not one for giveaways, but beer stands seem popular at booths.

Oh, and how about a $20 voucher, that might take the cake!

1. cool mini leatherman utility tool

2. Green little magnet men from Intranza

3. Dual carabeaner key clip from bosch

4. Won a Go Pro Hero 3 at ISC from 3VR!!

One year, I received a certificate for 0.3 CEUs at the Speco booth to stop asking questions.

Are you kidding?

No, I am not kidding. In fact, there are members of IPVM who where witnesses to this. (I was working for an integrator at the time.)

How is that possible? How can a manufacturer give away CEU credits like that? I am aware that credits are often suspect but this sounds kind of ridiculous?

The first best giveaway is always a huge durable bag in which to put all the other giveaways.

Thanks all for sharing. Cheers Brian!

What do you think of these:

1-Dual USB car charger

2-Portable Battery bank

I would like something that integrators can use every day,under $20 and quality. I think the durable bag idea is great but this will be above $40 . 4 years ago I went to a Pelco training and they gave out a BNC screw driver for Matix systems .... PELCO Giveaway

At a recent trade show, I got some small, thin smart cards with adhesive backing. Stuck one to the back of my iPhone and use it for access control. Some people double-take, thinking iPhone went NFC.

10 years ago at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) I got a mini, cord retracable USB mouse that I keep in my laptop bag. Can't beleive it's lasted this long and has been pretty useful.

I went to an AXIS training class a few months ago and they gave out two IP cameras. One of my employees who attended with me won one of them.

For Axis' one day sales training, cost $99, they are giving / including an M3004 (street price ~$250), so they are essentially paying you to go to their training. Including cameras in training is common but I do not recall many events that charged so little and gave away a camera.

The course I took was the Design class and the fundamentals class. The fundamentals class Axis gave away an M1013 (my employee won) and an M1033 if I recall. For the Design class everyone who paid for a seat received an Q1604 again if I recall.

Yeah, I took Axis Design fundamentals two years ago and receved a P1344. At that training my design team won the final exercise design contest and I won a light meter too. Next week I am going to sales training - M3004. Good deals from Axis

I got an Axis camera once several years ago as a door prize. It sat on my desk forever, then it sat in the garage, for a while longer. Eventually I traded it for a nice Mosin Nagant rifle.

I was at a prison show a few months ago, I got the coolest giveaways:

1.) a no-shank goodie bag. I now have a toothbrush that can't be sharpened, a pen with brown ink (less desirable for prison tats), and several other general population must haves.

2.) Mace filled paintballs. Seriously, they were handing them out a dozen at a time in baggies. I'm amazed no one "accidentally" spilled them in a crowded hallway.

My favorite was from today at ASIS, a shoe shine.

Who had that? I could use a shoe shine...

That's the thing, the company did a poor job of educating their captive audience. I don't even remember the name of the company, and I had to ask the guys at the booth what they actually do. It turns out that they do guard service. It was a 10X20 booth, somewhere in the 5000 range, maybe around 5300. Sorry I can't be more helpful, but they did a great job on my shoes.

Can I just ask exhibitors to stop trying to give out "stress balls"? Does anybody actually want those?

Yes, for kids (even for bored or crying kids of others in the airport).

Yes. Next....

I've received nice stuff in several years, but I can talk about one right now, because I use it every day: APC's Power Saving Surge Protector, received about 3 years ago in República Dominicana.

Juan, thanks. That's pretty neat. A reasonably priced giveaway too as it sells online for ~$20.

Yep. And what I like the most is that I really use it.

In South America, one integrator (don't remember, sorry) gave soccer balls in a show near or during a Fifa's world or regional cup, and visitors enjoyed a lot those.

I always thank the effort from marketting people to give from iPads to even candies, because I also don't like free meals. I mean, I'm not looking for gifts, but for a reference of who they are and what are they doing.

But without cool or crazy gifts (and cool or crazy visitors!), I think shows certainly be really boring.

"But without cool or crazy gifts (and cool or crazy visitors!), I think shows certainly be really boring."

Good point. It seems shows now depend even more on stunts, gifts and other carnival like attractions, especially since people know more about what's new and happening, even before they hit the show floor.

At ASIS in San Diego (2007 I think) I received an Axis 207 camera after sitting through the presentation a few times. I used it as a utility camera around the house for a few years. In the summer of 2011 it captured a decent video of a burglary at my home. It was a miracle that the camera was online and recording. I was using Axis Camera Station on an old PC in the garage. The video was good enough to ID the suspect and he was prosecuted and convicted. I was a local celebrity for 15 minutes and city PD raved and gushed over my little video clip. I think the quality of the video motivated them in their investigation and prosecution. The camera finally died and is sitting in a drawer. Here's the clip

I've gotten lots of trade show swag through the years, but that little camera was clearly the best.

Great video, Thomas.

Pelco gave away mini Swiss Army knives that clip to a key chain. Had it for years until I forgot to remove it before going to the airport and had to surrender it to the TSA.

Some people are content with lower quality stuff. It makes them feel awesome:

Oh man... look at that treasure trove - It's beautiful!

Best giveaway so far is $20... cash...for lunch. Thank you, Viscount!


The best $20 Viscount ever spent... but I still do not know what that company is or does...

Well, now they're a caterer :)

I expect them to add the "LUIS CARMONA ECONOMIC STIMULUS PROGRAM - 2013" to their whitepaper list.

I've gotten scotch. A liquor company with a Walking Man for a logo had a booth at some IT industry trade show long ago, and they were pouring shots. Yes, I was too young to drink. Shhh.

When I was an installer, I loved getting tiny little screwdrivers.

Beer, of course.

Stacks of mousepads.

Lots of t shirts.

But the best giveaway I ever got was two cans of pepper spray. I still have one can in my glove compartment.

An American Flag pin from US Security...

The best giveaway I won at a trade show was a Dell NVR server with AUTO IP (windows xp) along with 4 free Samsung IP cameras from the late GVI. Two SD box cameras along with 2 SD mini domes. Currently, only one camera is still working out in the field. The Dell PC is safe and sound in my basement servering as my classic PC gaming machine.

I've got a very sturdy bag from iOmniscient at IFSEC 2012, which since then I've been using to carry glass for recycling. Very handy indeed!

A lanyard from anyone to replace the ADT lanyard that came with my badge.

i am pretty easy to please with give aways... pens/sharpies are my favorite because you can never have enough... i have always been hesitant to use the usb drives that are handed out at trade shows... that is the skeptical side of me...

I like USB Memory sticks, Good Pens and writing accessories, Laser Pens

Quality Products

I dislike getting Cheap, Junky Products that dont work, fall apart, or give a bad impression of that company.

I would rather have nothing than get junk from manufacturers.

Good Demos, Good Presentations online, that i can review anywere and discounts to try the products out for myself.


iPods at VMWare conferences/trade shows. Pockets are very deep, I guess.