Who Are The Best Companies For Intelligent Transportation System ITS ?

I need the best product for ANPR and video detection camera and city surveillance for ITS application.

Mohamed, that's a good question. We don't cover the area enough to take a position here. We'll put this on our list of future things to cover more. In the meantime, hopefully members with experience here can comment.

The best ANPR is ARH out of Hungary with an office in Tampa area... But they don't have a finished product software wise... If you contact them they can point you to a partner that has the whole package...

There are others but these guys do it best and in more places than anyone...i know I worked for a competitor that didn't stack up!

At PureTech Systems we team with ARH for the LPR function. The vehicle detection and city surveillance piece is achieved with our in house (PureActiv) video analytics / VMS. You can see various detection and counting videos on our web site.


There are several companies that make lpr engines. And some of them also offer specific hardware for detection.

For ITS, you can check Flir Traficon those products are specifically designed for ITS.

Dear friends,

I'd say Traficon/FLIR is pretty close to be the best on ITS, and probably Vaxtor Systems (they have presence in the US) is good, smart and strong enough on LPR o be considered TOP developer.

Both have finished and working lines for different scenarios, many references.

Moreover, their tech-team are very capable, hands-on people.