What Is The Best Camera Placed Outside Facing Into The Setting Sun?

I inherited a client that has a SPECO 16 channel analog DVR and a selection of Speco Turret style intensifier cameras....

The cameras that face the setting sun (3 in total) are failing in 6months or less... Total washed out white picture...

To capture the truck parking areas there really aren't any options for new camera placement so WHAT camera would work best in this situation...

I will also add the location is in Canada and the bright setting sun plus entirely white snow covered parking lot is the chalenge...

Andrew, does it have to work with the existing Speco analog DVR? Because that is going to limit options.

In general, true WDR cameras are the best approach for dealing with setting sun.

Yes the system is tied to the Speco, client isn't interested in adding to the system at this time...

Then you are limited to a declining number of SD analog cameras.

One, I would recommend setting low / reasonable expectations. There has not been real high end imaging development in SD analog for years and there are limited true WDR options to even begin with.

Years ago, Pixim was the high-end analog WDR offering but I am not even sure if you can get those cameras anymore (see: What Happened To Pixim After Sony Acquired Them?).

I have not kept track of true WDR SD analog options. Panasonic (was it SDIII) was good years ago, not sure what is still shipping.

Mount the camera higher, tilting down.

Add a sunshield to the enclosure.

Add a polarizing filter, if possible.

Edit: Just saw you said there were no placement options.

So are you really asking "What is the Best Analog Camera..."?

Maybe this FLIR would be an option. It's a CVI HD camera, but it's got a shield, True WDR and dual analog/analog HD outputs for about $110.

Can't be certain if the True WDR would apply to the analog output though, maybe IPVM has one?

How will it connect to the existing Speco DVR?

BNC coax?

Yes to Coax BNC connectors... 24 volts DC power supply...

How will an old Speco DVR interface with a new CVI camera?

How would a Speco DVR would interface with a Panasonic SDIII camera?

This CVI camera has a seperate analog NTSC ouptut in addition to the HD one, so the video stream itself should be compatible, no?

Panasonic SDIII used to be analog only in the days before IP.

In any event, no point debating this, Speco has a current true WDR model that's probably a reasonable choice to go wth.

As for how the camera can be configured, that's a good point. I'm looking now...


1000 TVL Indoor/Outdoor IR Vandal Resistant Turret
with True WDR, 2.8-12mm Lens, Dark Grey Housing

This is what Speco is sugesting... Anyone had a chance to fire one of these up?

Speco if an uncommon choice amongst integrators on IPVM, so I doubt many have experience with that.

From the specs, it seems modern. It evidently is using a 1.3MP sensor but sending out NTSC.

Thanks John, this job was originally done by a part timer... Connections, wiring and general install is a bit sketchy...

Eventually we will move him and upgrade...

Why can't you move the cameras? I challenge you to go back and rethink this limitation. It really is the /right/ way to deal with it. Like Chris said, move them higher and aim downward more. Keep the sky out of the view and you won't have sun in the view.

Can you relocate the Camera? We had a similar situation, so we put a pole. Second Solution would be to custom build a sun shade at that angle.