What Is Happening With Cisco's VMS VSOM?

I am currently evaluating a Cisco "Video Surveillance Operations Manger" (VSOM) surveillance system and I'm throwing a couple of questions out there to see what responses I can get: 1) What is Cisco up to now days with this product? 2) Has anyone had any experience with this VMS? 3) Do they play well (or at all) with access control systems? 4) they use Cisco cameras 2420,2520,2621,3520. Where are these cameras in terms of market use?

I did search IPVM and found a few posts but they were 2010 & 11. Is this product dead?

This is an even-numbered year, so I think Cisco will claim participation in the security market this year.

1, do you mean an existing VSOM install? If so, do you know what version it is? My understanding is that version 7 was completely redone and removed the old Broadware / bad approach, related: Cisco Reboots Video Surveillance

I believe it is post Broadware. In the process of determining version now.

Btw, as for the Cisco cameras, rarely are they used outside of with Cisco VMS / VSOM. The cameras just have little competitive advantage and are quite expensive so not much justification to use with other VMSes. Related, if you were to switch to another VMS, I would worry about support / integration of those older Cisco cameras with third party VMSes. (Related Cisco claims some of their cameras support ONVIF, but Cisco is not listed as an ONVIF member but have some older conformance).

Cisco claims some of their cameras support ONVIF, but Cisco is not listed as an ONVIF member (just checked) and therefore have no official conformance).

Except that they used to be a member and have these products listed.

Thanks, I stand corrected, updated above.

Apparently they were still a member less than a year ago. And a (full) member since 2009 and on the steering commitee as well.

An accounting oversight or maybe they are rebooting PSIA!

The cameras, 6020, 6030 have a rather high failure rate, also they go dark and need rebooting to correct.

A number of years ago, i asked the Cisco rep how we could integrate his VMS with the access control system. He gave me a "per door price" of several thousands of dollars each. Anyone hear of this before?

I have seen and used VSOM version 7.7. It is decent but not to the level of other well known enterprise VMS. Version 7 came out within the last year I believe and has made a big difference in performance, at least I am told as much from some of my colleagues that dealt with previous versions. I know that Cisco is trying to make a push internally to get their product out on market but it isn't being received very well due to the bad history of the product. Regarding playing well with access control, I have only seen it used with CPAM (Cisco physical access manager) and their components. I don't know how well it will play with other access control systems (I wouldn't bet that it would be an easy integration). Lastly with the cameras, I am fairly positive they OEM their cameras but I can't get a confirmation on this. If you look around their communities site, there are some posts pointing to another manufacturer for their mounting accessories. I have also heard from other engineers that this is the case. I agree with a previous post that I would be cautious of using them on any VMS other than Ciscos.