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Need Inexpensive Alternative To Avigilon Dome

I have a location where I was going to use a few Avigilon 2.0-H3-D1 and a few 2.0-H3-D2's. This is a factory setting.

Is there a different brand camera that is fully compatible with ACC that is considerably cheaper but I wont see any real downside? I know Hikvision has been mentioned in the past, but a search on IPVM of the DS-2CD2732F-I shows that it did not do to well in low light or WDR situations. [IPVM NOTE: This is wrong. We have not tested that camera.]


I don't believe we have tested the DS-2CD2732F-I.

Instead of specific models. What are you looking for? 2MP outdoor dome? With IR? Anything else?

A different hikvision camera came up when I did the search and I guess I didnt pay that much attention to the name.

I think 2mp should be good enough, most of the cameras will be indoors, with only a few outdoors. IR is beneficial but not going to be a make it or break it. This is a factory settings, so the rooms will be quite big. The main point of the cameras are to see what is going on.


Well, you should pay attention to the specifics of model numbers.

We have a new Hikvision test coming out next week covering 4 cameras (box, dome, and 2 bullets). We will have more recommendations then. Btw, the camera in that report (Testing HikVision's 2MP Camera (DS-2CD852MF-E)) is being retested with new firmware that significantly improved low light.

I believe Secubest would have an alternative, but comparable camera with equal quality but for less.

Is Secubet directly supported by Avigilon or have you verified that the integration works? OP wants something that is "fully compatible" with Avigilon's VMS. Please be careful and complete when making product recommendations.

Just remember that any third party camera will not have the pixel based motion detection like the avigilon cameras, so the pixel searching becomes ineffective

If that is ok, then i know that hikvision cameras and sony minidome cameras that work with motion in ACC that are cost effective.

everything else is generally almost the same price as the avigilon domes, but i am in australia so everything is expensive here...

if you just want overviews, why not go for the new minidomes?

*I work for Canon*

if you are after a mini dome, you can take a look at our new FULL HD VB-S30D, VB-S31D or VB-S800D - most of these hitting the market in the coming weeks. Won't be your cheapest option, but you'll be very impressed with the picture quality and colour accuracy. The 30 and 31 models are the smallest in their class. You will also find that all these models have strong low light performance, so worth taking a look.



Are those models fully compatible with Avigilon's VMS? (as OP asked)

Secondly, don't post recommendations unless you can share specific pricing. If a manufacturer says that their product won't be the cheapest, it is likely fairly expensive.

It's totally unhelpful for people to randomly recommend things that most likely meet neither of the requirements of the poster.

I second the microdome or Hik cameras.

I woudn't have posted if not compatilble. Avigilon's VCC integrates with any ONVIF certified camera and all current Canon cameras are ONVIF V2.2 and S compliant.

I never post pricing on this forum as i'm not in the US market. As previously mentioned I can get colleagues from Canon USA to contact any of the posters here if they needed more information or assistance which would be much more helpful as they would get direct help.

Oh really? "Avigilon's VCC integrates with any ONVIF certified camera" You don't know what you are talking about and your posts are promotional. Unless, you have tested those cameras with Avigilon ACC, you cannot make such a statement.

I am not interested in you getting your sales people to contact our members for pricing. If you don't know and/or can't share pricing, you may not recommend your product in a thread that asks for inexpensive cameras.

In the future, if you want to post on IPVM, you must clear it with me first (email

To reiterate, any recommendation must come with (1) first hand verification of ONVIF working fully with the recommended camera OR the camera listed on Avigilon's direct integration list plus (2) the price of the camera.

Otherwise, you can recommend anything and everything regardless of whether there is a fit.

Way to keep folks honest John. You're the junkyard dog of the forum. ;o)

I am also curious about the HikVision DS-2CD2732F-I dome. If anybody has any first hand knowledge of its performance, I would be very interested. I'm looking for a $200-$400 outdoor dome with IR that can handle the Maine winters. The DS-2CD2732F-I's spec sheet has pretty much everything on my laundry list, including IP66, IK10, and operating temps of -22°F - 140°F. The -22°F would just barely do the trick, but I'm a little skeptical of how this camera manages that low temp, since it appears to lack a heater due to the max 5.5W power spec.

DS-2CD2732F-I(S) Spec Sheet Link

I have similar HIK dome working on my backyard for over 2 month at - 25-30 C

no problem at all