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Need Outdoor PTZ, Wireless, Under $500

What is a good PTZ with wireless the can be used for outside perimiter surveilance? Preferably not costing too much, and preferably can be used with Avigilons VMS


You want integrated wireless? That's fairly rare and tends to be on consumer/residential PTZs.

What type of specs do you want on the PTZ? How much cost is 'too much'? $500, $1,000, $2,000?

The problem is that we are dealing with a very very big building. There are old analog cameras thre, but they no longer work.

We would be looking at about 6 cameras, and $500 is the optimum price (I know that is sortof unrealistic)

$500 for an outdoor PTZ with wireless? Also, even if it has integrated wireless, since this is a 'very very big building' I would be very careful / concerned whether it would work.

Is there a way to have a few PTZ's hooked up to some sort of wireless bridge?

If not, is there an adapter of some sort that can put IP over old analog cables?

Sure, adapters for IP over old analog cables is called "Ethernet Over Coax" (see Altronix eBridge Examined and Lowest-Cost EoC Yet? (EnConn Mini-Power)). Even really low end ones will cost ~$150 per pair.

Alternatively, you could run cabling from a few IP PTZs to a switch and a wireless bridge (like Ubiquiti whose radios are very inexpensive but you increase installation cost/complexity).

4 Analog PTZ connect to Avigilon IP encoder then connect to IP radio U done

Presumably, if he uses analog than he does not need an IP radio if he is already considering reusing the 'old analog cables?'

That said, how much are you going to save going with an analog PTZ?


Scenario # 2

4 Analog PTZ connect to Avigilon encoder then use EOC to connect to Avigilon VMS

He can get decent Analog PTZ for $ 500 plus ( depend what He want for optical zoom factor )

and EOC He can get way under $ 150 per set

Specific examples of EOC 'way under $150 per set' and decent analog PTZ for $500?

Poster here - Once I am doing that, why wont I have the 4 aqnalog PTZ's going down the coax cabling, and then hook it up overthere to the Encoder? Rather then using the EOC?

If you use new analog cameras, presuming the coax is still good, you do not need any EoC adapters. Just put the encoder in the headend.

You and Him was talking about Adapters

I just join conversation :)

What would be a good analog ptz for that price range?

sampleSorry, do not use Analog for a while

only if I have to help "old" customer

Actually I would suggest forget about Analog

try to increase your budget

and go for 20X optical HIK PTZ and Avigilon

killer combo :)

I have few shots 350 meter away u can read sign on building and buses

The same EOC you posted

Will not say a lot about my suppliers

but 10X from CNB u can find for about ~ $ 540-600

then we have Dahua,TBT and so on....