What IP Cameras And VMSes Are DIACAP Compliant?

Many US government agencies / organizations require compliance with DIACAP (aka Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process).

This typically takes the form of vendors certifying their network products so that they can be added/connected to secure government networks.

I have heard Pelco and Pansonic make claims about DIACAP compliance.

Anyone have more info on what vendors are compliant and how often this is necessary?


Do you have a link for the Panasonic cameras that DIACAP?

Many Panasonic cameras are DIACAP.

Disclaimer, I work for Panasonic.....

Geez, I feel like I'm on Linkedin....

Even with the amount of work we do for GSA, we have never seen any RFPs requiring us to use DIACAP compliant DVRs or IP cameras. To my knowledge it's only required for Dept. of Defense project. I know for a fact Pelco's DX8100 HVR is DIACAP compliant. I'm not sure about which Sarix or Spectra Domes are DIACAP. The other day Panasonic released a list of 9 IP and 3 analog cameras that are DIACAP complaint.

In other news, Panasonic is offering extended 1-2 warranty program (total of 5 years) just like Axis does.