What Happened To China Mega Company CSST?

Before Hikvision made waves as a billion dollar company, there was CSST who got a ton of attention. Even a few years ago, CSST was doing ~$600 million (see our 2009 CSST review). But then their growth stalled and they announced plans to go private.

I am sure they are still around but it's very hard to find any news on them (at least in English). I found a 2012 HDcctv marketing video and a 2013 announcement of a partnership with a Chinese university.

Can anyone share any color about what CSST is up to now?

If you have someone who can read Chinese, it is easy to find all kinds of news about CSST. They are still going to all the big international tradeshows. There really hasn't been much of change for these guys, same old stuff, and going after the same old business. The last time I saw their big presentation was back in last December in Beijing. The focus is all on "Safe City" projects in China. From the look of things, mostly second rate products with little integration. This was a rollup play gone bad.

Here is their English portal, which isn't saying much anyways.

Thanks, good feedback!