What Great Ideas Did You Give A Manufacturer That They Used?

I remember giving Silent Knight all the data they needed to justify building a 4 channel 6.0AH NAC Circuit extender instead of just an 8.0AH single circuit they were planning. It was a hit and no thanks given. Oh well.

I remember telling a product manager we should come up with a NVR that had PoE built in and auto-discovery of our cameras. That was rejected about 10 years ago. It appears that has caught on now.

I'm sure I have offered a few stinkers as well.

So....what did you suggest?

Here's What Avigilon Should Do Now....

I don't keep track, in general.

I will say, from the IPVM side, our members are responsible for numerous really good ideas and new features for IPVM. As such, I find it a strategic advantage to get so much input, criticism and debate on what we do and how we expand. For example, quite a lot of the Calculator is the direct input of member's requests.

I don't keep track, in general...

You mean you've lost track...;)

Counting non-technical ideas, I'll go with the SeeTec/ONSSI deal.

Way back when, I told my boss that these new-fangled IP cameras were going to be a big hit, we need to support them in our software. Seems I was right. Then again, I also recommended to an employer that iPhones were for tweens, Android was unreliable, and BlackBerry was the key to the future. You can't win them all.....

Years ago, when Arecont’s multi-imagers were new, I told an Axis employee that they should take advantage of their strong position in PTZ and merry a multi-imager to a PTZ camera. This is how, Axis Q6000-E was born…. Or maybe my message didn’t get through :)

Q6000-E is a very niche product anyway… back then though I thought that such a camera would be a best seller

I told many manufacturers to do a 180 multi-imager for years. I guess that's why they waited so long :)

Not bragging, but Panoramic-Tilt-Zoom?

It really dates me, but I had an idea to put on-screen text on the VCR video picture to make it easier to go to court. We already had time and date, we added Site ID - 16 characters.

Would it date me just a little to admit that it was my idea to add the 14th star when Vermont joined the Union?

Any points for this: Can You Take Out A Vandal Dome With One Swing? followed by this a month or two later: Axis Releases A Video Game