What Graphics Can We Create For You?

We have been thinking about resources we could create for members to help them sell, market or present better.

Our graphics person is quite good. Here is an example of the types of PowerPoint presentations he creates. And here is the Commissioning Checklist PDF he did. And here is one of the many charts he does for us:

What type of resources would you like him to create?

Ideally it would be fundamental elements that you could then take and incorporate into your business, adding your logo or company info, etc.

Let us know.

He does do very good work. That is a broad question John. Can you be a little more specific?? What kinds of things did IPVM have in mind?

We could do brochures, we could do training presentations, things that combine graphics and our information.

For example, top camera trends or reasons to buy video surveillance, etc.

Ahhhh...Now literature is a thing...That we can talk about. Sorry, didn't mean to be so duh about it.

Sorry for not being clear. It can be anything that involves graphics. If printed out literature is in demand, we can do that.

If it's infographics to put on a website, we could do that.

I am generally open as long as we think many members could make use of it.

Interesting. Is this being offered gratis or at a pass-thru rate?

Included in membership is the idea. It needs to be general things, e.g., we can do a brochure or presentation on technology / product / application X, Y, Z but it will be generic.

We can then provide members the source docs such that they can add their own logo, info, etc.

hmmmm, I like this. Curious to see where it goes and what the rules become. We used to have an on-staff graphics guy years ago.

Something showing the different possibilities of integrating multiple systems in a very basic way would be helpful for many I would think as a starting point. you know, why would you want to integrated access and video type of thing...

Armando, and it may be useful to do more on the basic / entry level side to help those understand the big picture. Keep the suggestions coming.

A visual representation of PPF that layman can understand...

yes, basic is key to make it useful across a wide range of integrators. a conversation starter more than an all out info sheet.

graphical representation of rough storage increases vs resolution

Ill have to think a bit more and maybe ask the sales guy, but theres definitely some opportunity here.

I got it!

a graph showing an inverse relationship between sale price and customer frustration would be helpful to me. :)

damnit, I can't mark myself as funny. What kind of place is this?!

I second the PPF idea.

PPF idea is nice. It´s to get the concept inside some ppl heads.

I think all of IPVM tutorials would be nice candidates to be put into a more graphical format.

Just remember to actually be effective for sales, this must focus on the application of the information as opposed to the information itself... Nobody who ever bought a drill wanted a drill, they wanted a hole. So sell them the hole.

Good feedback, keep it coming. I concur about PPF and other fundamentals.

Just an idea that I think many people would benefit from,

a graphic, preferably in a vector format,

Multiple images showing the difference in

Resolution ie: 600tvl, 720p,1080p,4k

also lens 2.8mm,4mm,6mm,12mm all with same subject,

possibly indoor and outdoor scenes

zoom samples from PTZ so same imager and scene but at 5,12,20,60,100,120,150 mm

Digital Zoom examples 10x,20x,30x

something along this line I think are stock images of represented quality of surveillance that could be used on most surveillance sales websites

Icons for markups like with bluebeam

images showing representative useful range l x w of illumination


White Light


A power point presentation for police officers "What makes a good video system" showing clips of frame rates, WDR issues, pixel density, low light choices, etc, etc.

Same thing for police crime prevention officers to use in their presentations to small businesses and other members of the community.

Basic primer on video and access control systems for police and security personnel.

I know you've done tests on it but camera placement height and angle of view.

Different camera styles and pros and cons.

Pros and cons for camera with and without IR

System diagrams IP, analogue, local SD recording, cloud etc.

One of the things that I still surprisingly run across involves lack of understanding of simple IP camera system components, terminology and basic operation. To address this, maybe you can provide a general reference architecture of different types of systems (i.e. coax w/dvr, IP w/ NVR, IP w/ VMS) maybe throw an encoder in there too. Something generic that a system designer or sales person can point to and say "This is a typical system. It is exactly what you need." Or "This is a typical system, you need close to this but instead of X, you need Y"