What Camera Form Factor Is Best In Rain?

The recent downpours here inspired us to do a test of which form factor performs best in rain. Best, in this case, means retains the most visibility without droplets of water or streams of runoff impacting image quality.

So, what do you think? Which will do best?

I vote for box, inside an enclosure, also because if needed you can use automatic wipers

I chose other, thinking a sidewinder such as the WTI with its "Hydrophilic "self cleaning glass window." And no I dont work for them but have seen the demo and tested it out. The glass it has causes the water to bead and roll right off, instead of splatter over the lens, like the way rain x works on your windshields.

Interesting, but how long does this treatment resist to cities acids polutions? ( like the one on motorbike visor generally don't pass the year)

From what was explained it is not a treatment of the glass but how the glass is formed and manufactured. I asked the same question does it wear off like rain x does and it's one of there key selling points and there not low budget cameras. They tout them as extremely low maintenance and pretty much only sell to the DOTs. I want to say the glass is heated as well but can't remember.

While I generally prefer installing Dome cams, I would assume the smaller, flat surface of a bullet would lend itself well to keeping rain drops off its lens.