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What Every Technician Loves To See

I was browsing on the internet this weekend and I found a gem of a sub on reddit.

Despite the name, it's completely safe for work. Also, where there is beauty, there is uglyness

That's actually Matt Ion's home page ;)

I clicked on every picture on that page, and now life seems better.

Back in my cabling days, I took pictures of every install I did, and I wish I still had them. Some of these pictures are really good, but some make me wonder what the hell they were thinking when they did it. And other things that look real nice but are sort of a waste of time.

There is quite the affinity for zipties in the subreddit. In my book, zipties + cabling = bad form.

Tears in my eyes.. so pretty to see installers with art in this cloud of sloppy installers........