What Ever Happened To Brijot? Former Security Star

Back in 2005, there was a new company named Brijot that came on very strong. I remember talking to them and they were incredibly bullish, to the point where they wouldn't consider dealers unless you hard committed to millions in sales and even then, the dealer discounts were trivial. This was back when airport security was especially hot. Here's their marketing video if that refreshes your memory:

They seemed to fade away. Today, I did a search for them and found they were acquired in 2011 by Microsemi. The announcement had the ominous phrase 'acquired the technology .... and assets' which typically means the company was a dud and was being bought for pennies on the dollar.

Digging through Microsemi's 2011 financials shows that they paid just $3.1 million, a very low price for a company selling products that cost hundreds of thousands per unit.

Does anyone know the details of what went wrong? Was there product problems? Was it just hype that eventually popped?

Well from the video it seems to take an awful lot of twisting and dancing for a scan and also from the demo images it seems like it would be very easy to miss something. Finally - what about someone in a wheelchair?

Seems like the product is not mature at all.

I do not see any issues with technology or products. They work well, though proper installation and use is extremely important. Like with any screening technology, you have to know what you are doing. There are 6 "Concepts of Operation" that can be adopted for wide range of customer requirements, though passive microwave technology is definitely not a silver bullet and has its own limitations. As I have personal experience with their equipment, I may say that there is indeed no way to put someone fresh from the street as an operator of such system. Though this is absolutely possible with proper training and practice. You can find rejuvenated Brijot technology under Microsemi Screenibg Solutions. The biggest issue with Brijot, at my opinion, was weak or nonexistent sales organization. There were not utilizing channel or partners well. Microsemi has strong channel partner program that was recently updated with Microsemi Screenibg Solutions.

PS: This video shows old Brijot system. Current solutions have changed significantly with addition of handheld passive microwave scanner that nobody else has.PS2: Microsemi is not targeting airport security market as it is limited; Loss Prevention is one of their hot areas.

Anybody else has some thoughts / feedback on Brijot or passive microwave technology ?

Not exactly sure what happened to Brijot but I had three colleagues that went to work for them about 6 years ago when they were on the upswing. They all found new positions with other companies in early 2011 just after the Microsemi buyout.