What Do You Want To Know About The Chinese Video Surveillance Market?

We are ramping up our coverage of the internal Chinese Video Surveillance market (i.e., beyond the companies / products widely available in the West, e.g., Hikvision and Dahua) including local Chinese reporting and visits.

What do you want to know? Share below.

It would be nice to cover:

1. Compliance certifications required

2. Products and/or feature sets that are different from the western market and are specifically designed for the chinese market.

3. Sales channels - distributor, direct or ... ?

4. Main buying decision driver: price, product/features, client relationship, chinese vs. western brand and ...

Who do the Chinese fear most, Japan, Korea or the EU-S-A?

Do the Chinese companies act more co-operatively or competitvely when it comes to foreign sales goals, considering their minimal antitrust regulations and significant state ownership of private companies.

Find out where all the "game changing" H.265 cameras and NVR's are being stashed... Smuggle some back.

1-Who is actually manufacturing the CCTV products in China? Do these companies sub contract or are the products manufactured in house.

2-What percentage of these companies are owned by the Chinese government?

3-Is there ever any concern in the US with placing these Chinese manufactured products on our network infratructure?

  1. Do some of the spam-intensive companies ever see any revenue generated from these email campaigns?
  2. Are the chinese manufacturers seeing the culture differences that are occurring when importing/hiring ESL sales staff in the United States? Is it a concern for them?

What is the real Cost of an IP Camera Manufactured in China?

What is the Cost of Assembling an IP Camera outside China?

Why can't China Manufacture good Cameras and just finish off all European and American Brands?

Which Company in China is giving Dahua a stiff Competition?

Why does the same cheap IP Camera in China cost more on the street than on AMAZON, EBAY and Survillence Websites?

In Addition,

Why can't all Chinese IP Camera have 99% compatibility with ONVIF and Other Profiles?

"What is the real Cost of an IP Camera Manufactured in China?"

...and what are the working conditions like for those assembling them from start to finish?

That sounds like an expose.

In all likelihood they may see some of the anti suicide nets around the employee dormitories. If a highly successful western manufacturer subcontracts out there and is subjected to rampant suicides takes that kind of public embarassment, the odds of small manufacturers not subject to Western media scrutiny seems much more likely to have this problem.

Thanks, this will be very helpful



Some questions/opinions/remarks above seem quite strange for me.

I visited douzains ( didn't count : maybe hundreds) of factories of CCTV, and now IP cameras, in China.

What you call Western cameras are more and more Chinese "designed" and produced cameras with some personalization. Inclusive for the US, European or Korean "big brands".

Why do I write "designed" ? Because the true designers are Sony, HiSilicon, ... NextChip .. : they produce the sensors, chipsets, etc. The fonctionalities and the main capabilities. The manufacturers fix it in a PCBoard, put it in a case with a lens. The "big names in the US and Europe design the packaging, the housing sometimes, and specify or sometimes design their firmware.

The ones that pull the ropes and make the big profit on this market are not the Chinese camera manufacturers but the silicon foundries. The first of them is Sony.

After that, the Chinese assemblers do with the culture they have. Don't expect them to understand the US or European structure of the market with the OEMs, integrators, distributors, installers, etc ... They do with the knowledge of the world they have (and it's quite restricted).
You can learn electronics at the University, factory/people management with the army and not have a good idea of the best way to use the structure of a market with its organization and players.

So it can be very destabilizing ...

If you observe the progress made by the Chinese, you just notice that today they can deliver AHD/CVI/TVI quality at a price 5 times lower than "normal 600TVL CCTV" one year ago.

Want it or not : this is technical progress. And it will not stop.

I would like to get some infos about quality manufacturer (i know ...) of entry level SOHO NVR with working basic ONVIF mybe ?

Thanks for great site !

don't stop at cameras. look at switches (inside and outside NVR's), wireless AP's. Access control products too.