What Do You Want To Ask For The New Salary Stats Survey?

These two became very popular:

Integrator Salary Results 2014 and Manufacturer Salary Results 2014

We are going to do new 2016 versions. A number of people asked us to go into greater depth and we'd like to do that. So here is your chance to ask for more details? What do you want?

Does your report address anything beyond Integrators & Manufacturers? I'd be curious about Security Consultant's salary stats.

Would that include trips and swag?

I would to see end users included too. I think that will be hard to compare because the end users on this site probably vary greatly in what they do and how they do it, but would be curious to have some sort of idea on end users.

Years in the industry if it can be added; if it can be accomplished I would appreciate a regional factor; Large company vs individually owned. Look forward to it. I found last years very useful.

I will agree with everything Mark has asked for, but I would also like to see a break down by sector of business. Residential, Commercial, Industrial, estimated percentage of each if they do multiple. Average size of work done. Small jobs, couple weeks, couple months, you get it.

I'm not sure how easy it would be to include, but I wouldn't mind knowing how much work they do. By that I mean, do they just mount equipment/program and test. Or just program and test, or just pulling the cable, or all of the above. Or a mix? I've done jobs where I go from beginning to end on my own, and others where I have a contractor pull my cable and mount my devices.

This is a weird one, probably not important but something I've always wondered. Do they work in pairs or by themselves? In my 5 years of experience it seems like companies are trying everything they can to get people to do everything alone. Always bugged me. Doesn't make sense to have two guys on every job, but a lot of the time it makes sense in my mind to have two people (or more, depending on the size of the project I suppose)

no doubt, on most jobs of any size, two are several times more productive than 1.

I've always thought so, so I'm curious if companies who expect their techs to work alone make anymore than those who can expect to work with another.

From a manufacturer perspective it would be interesting to know the type of products they produce. Hardware vs software and if it's Video, Access, Intrusion, etc...