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What Do You Think Of Mirasys VMS?

What do you think of Mirasys VMS?

I've never seen it. I remember them hiring a BD person in the US to try to market it here a few years ago, but I've not heard of significant deployments in the US.

I am not saying it's good or bad. I just don't know.

I believe they concentrate more on their home markets of Northern Europe / Central Europe.

i really like the product, used it alot and is very stable with good IP camera support.

easy to use and the spotter app is very slick and easy to use.

can be very powerful if used with ANPR,Analytics etc etc

I recently ran their v7.01 code one one of our servers to determine its performance since we are starting to hear about it more.

I can say that the performance as a recording server was quite good when compared to the other VMSs I have tested on the same hardware. Good is defined as being able to support a given throughput with less expensive hardware.

Testing the Client performance is on our radar to happpen withing the next couple of months.

It was a little 'tricky' to utilize multiple NICs (ie a Cameras NIC and a Clients NIC), but we were able to do that, so we would not swamp a single NIC.

I am sure that IPVM will eventually do their usability analaysis once they see a reason to do so.

Here in Europe they are bit more known but they are not the big VMS company like Milestone or Genetec...I know very well a friend in France who is selling Mirasys (he's in disitrbution) and he always told me that, to start on IP security wolrd, it's the best VMS as it's very simple. Then, if you want to play against big players, you will have to change because it's not that complete in features than Genetec and Milestone.

In addition, they've been cutting local presence and it seems that it's difficult to find local support. I don't have big knowledge or technical details but I trust my friend who told me it's just an advice.

One of the project (remote site), they use Mirasys with Arecont Camera. We don't have any detail on which version they use. The recording get failure for 4 to 5 days randomly and frequently. Did anyone had experience with the same problem? If yes how the issue was resolved. As mentioned by other members, there is no support available from Mirasys