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What Do You Recommend For A Standalone Wireless Door/Window Contact?

We are looking for a standalone wireless door contact. Below are our requirements:

1- Short range wireless under 50 ft

2- Long life, Battery operated (atleast the contact end)

3- Standalone system ( tranmitter and reciever), not linked to an alarm panel

4- The reciever will be wired to an IP camera

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

I've used the Linear Corp DX series of products for this kind of application. They make a line of wireless receiver/transmitter products that will answer your need. Their DX-67 single channel unit can be paired with a tramsmitter to perform as you describe. Also have 2-, 4- and 8-channel receivers.


Visonic makes a receiver called MCR-304 (that accommodates up to 10 sensors) that costs about $45.

With that, there is an entire range of indoor/outdoor contact sensors that can be used.

Thanks all for this great info!