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What Do You Recommend For A Standalone Wireless Door/Window Contact?

We are looking for a standalone wireless door contact. Below are our requirements:

1- Short range wireless under 50 ft

2- Long life, Battery operated (atleast the contact end)

3- Standalone system ( tranmitter and reciever), not linked to an alarm panel

4- The reciever will be wired to an IP camera

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Thanks all for this great info!

Visonic makes a receiver called MCR-304 (that accommodates up to 10 sensors) that costs about $45.

With that, there is an entire range of indoor/outdoor contact sensors that can be used.


I've used the Linear Corp DX series of products for this kind of application. They make a line of wireless receiver/transmitter products that will answer your need. Their DX-67 single channel unit can be paired with a tramsmitter to perform as you describe. Also have 2-, 4- and 8-channel receivers.