What Do Integrators Pay To Have A Commercial Security Camera Repaired?

Last year Renova estimates to have saved her integrator customers about $5.7 million by repairing cameras and dvr/nvr (and access panel boards such as Lenel) that would otherwise have been replaced as part of T&M in service agreements.

Renova Technology has approximately 400 different SKU's of Surveillance Cameras on our repair menu. These represent about 38 different manufacturers. When I examined our menu, I saw that the AVERAGE repair cost (across our entire menu) is $350. We do not charge bench fees. The AVERAGE replacement cost is $1,227 - hence one stands to save about $877 on each repair. However, most of our customers (5 out of 8 top of SDM) average the same repair charge ($350) but against a replacement cost of around $1,350 -- so they are saving around $1,000 per repair. This is due the fact that they use the higher end cameras in commercial environments. We only repair commercial security equipment. Here is an extract of some of the average repair prices per manufacturer. Keep in mind that the averages for each of these manufacturers spans a large range of models.

We typically get the cameras repaired in less than a week and offer a 90 day warranty. I imagine our prices are somewhat similar to our few competitors -- but with the exception of a few of the OEM's -- our repair prices are about 1/2 of what the OEM's charge. The important factor is turnaround time. Our customers complain that the OEM's can take weeks to return an out-of-warranty camera, and that frequently it is declared then non-repairable. Our repair yields are 98% on camera and DVR/NVR repair.

Beyond the fact that this is how we earn our living, I am particularly devoted to keeping electronics out of the landfill. We also repair large volumes of POS, Lottery Machines, and many other devices and I estimate that we have kept over 3 million pounds out of the landfills in the last several years. You can of course find us on the internet

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