What Color Are TRUE Dahua Boxes?

Ive seen white boxes with a little bit of red and the black and red Dahua logo (at Automated Outlet). Now the boxes appearing at ADI are blue and white with the black and red Dahua logo. Which box is TRUE Dahua?

Their marketing is so disjointed stateside it is possible that both, one of them, or neither is Dahua.

2, lol.

1, are you seeing them in stock at ADI branches already?

I asked Ethan to post a photo of the box for the Dahua camera we bought last month.

Yes sir.

I don't know about True Dahua, but I've seen pictures of OEM Dahua, done up red, blue, white and black. (and a little yellow).

Brand new Dahua 4mp dome from an American distributor:

From what I recall, most of the Dahua we got from China came in a plain brown cardboard box.

Down the street from me at the DahuaDepot:

All of the OEM ones we have bought are brown craft boxes. We did receive a 12MP fisheye in the white/red box.

I seen them in my local ADI branch a few weeks ago.

Lots of stock at our ADI branch picked one up to play around with it. It's a strange little camera. Locked up on me and now I cannot get back in.

Equal parts wbox, hikvision and dahua now. Not much room for anything else.

Locked up on me and now I cannot get back in.

Did a hard reset not work? Some have a hidden reset button under the lens cap.