Help Solve This Cameras Light Blooming Problem

A member is looking for help on the light blooming issue shown in this video:

Notice the light fixtures on the wall bloom and dim on a cycle, noticeable here in the red/ yellow spectrum.

He shared the customer recently changed over to LED lighting from fluorescents and that is when the issue began. The camera is analog, and uses NTSC. I can email the member for other settings info if needed.

My guess: It looks like LED fixture's Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is causing this blooming effect. I do not know of a way of fixing this problem in camera settings alone.

Do you know what is causing this? Do you have any recommendations to resolve it?

I have a customer who is having a similar problem with exterior lighting, it didn’t start until he installed LED street lamps in his parking lot. Basically I am interested in a solution too.

I contacted Cree, Phillips, and several other commercial/industrial LED fixture manufacturers about this issue. When they respond, I'll post details here.

Does the camera have a flickerless setting? Th LEDs may be too high frequency but may be worth a try.