What Camera, Analytics Or VMS Do You Want IPVM To Test?

Give specific reasons why, not simply a name.

I would like to see VMS tests for manufacturers focused on specific markets. For example, I think a head to head shootout of Verint, March Networks, 3VR etc would be of interest to members in the Financial/Retail verticals. I have seen quite a few discussion threads focused on banking/credit unions and think a true comparison test would be helpful.

That's a good suggestion! I won't commit to doing so right away, but it's certainly worth doing and we'll put it on the list.

On the analytic side, we are ramping up new testing so expect some tests on people counting before the end of the year.

How about the new H.265 IP cameras manufactured by Aventura Technologies? Reason: H.265 video compression. I would be particularly interested in bandwidth consumption (when compared to H.264 and M-JPEG) as well as CPU processing on the client side.

H.265 is clearly hot. We can see it with the reads.

We will talk to Aventura as well as anyone else announcing H.265 this month and see about a test as soon as we can.

Perhaps a bit bold to ask, but the 29MP Avigilon camera.

Or perhaps I missed a review of that one, but I couldn't find it trough the search.

The reason why, I'm intrested in how the night performance of the camera is and wether it's usefull in applications outside the typical 'mall overview' setup.

even would like to see Sentry360 esp their 360 camera primarily for their claims of being low cost compared to other solutions but equal (if not better) performance.

I'd like to see a real world test of the Wisenet III cameras from Samsung (pdf link) currently under discussion in this thread. 128GB of storage on the camera suddenly makes edge recording a much more attractive proposition (on installs where a ~$125 SDXC card is a better option than an NVR or VMS).

I'm also told that these cameras are extremely low impact, averaging 2.5Mbps, which, in theory, might mean that you could throw a few of these cameras on an existing network. If this were true, we could eliminate the expense of running a parallel network. That would be nice.

Ari, we just received a Samsung SNB-6004 Wisenet III camera and will be taking a look at it in the next month or so. Stay posted.

I would like to see VideoIQ VS IOIimage . Two years ago when i tested IOI , it was works fine ( day , night,rain , snow) bit whet bwhinde fence at night cars driving with light , it was every time false alarm.

And Analytic Encoderwith Day´Night camera with IR and with Thermal camera .

Main Questions - at night who is better and what distance covered , and when is fog outside.

thank you

We're in the process of VideoIQ testing now. We don't have immediate plans for IOImage, though. It doesn't seem to us like there's been substantial development of that line for some time.

We are testing both VideoIQ's HD dome and their Rialto appliance with third-party cameras, including thermal and IR. We'll try to include fog in that test, but it may be a side test since the weather is unpredictable.

i second the 29MP camera from avigilon

New low cost Acti cameras

Acti E97 10MP $300

Acti e96 5MP Fisheye $260

UDP Analytic Cameras featuring VCA Technology analytics. These are a very affordable entry into edge analytics.

Etrovision, a rare example of an East Asian manufacturer that actually has brand marketing.

Who's Etrovision? :)

I have heard the name, but I have never seen their marketing.

established in 2004


few times I have seen them at ISC

I know who they are. My point is that they don't seem to have very effective brand marketing (at least in North America).

I am open to testing less known companies but there needs to be something different - unique niches, lower price, etc. Testing a 1080p minidome from an unknown company whose price is the same as ACTi, Vivotek, etc., etc., is of little interest to most of our members.

Please tell me about of Etrovision. They are a manufacturer or OEM form other? How quality is it and tell me the same cameras level as Etrovision?

Thanks much

"obstruction detection" analytic in March Networks 3MP dome camera, got info that it is a free feature, not licensed and should work with COMMAND platform, in my testing this feature didnt worked. Will be helpful if you can give quick result.

I did not know that any obstruction detection feature worked :)

We've never considered testing this feature because, seriously, I never believed that any worked well. I am not sure if we would start with March (because not many use their cameras) but we will flag the feature in general for a future test.

A comparison of the free software in the market will be helpful in choosing a camera brand as the hardware has flatlined during the past year. A comparison between Avigilon, Geovision, Merit Lilin, and ACTI should let people know which brand has a better add on with the hardware they are purchasing.

Just the free version from each brand or it won't be fair!!

Avigilon gives software away for free? :) I don't think that's the case.

That said, it's an interesting topic, as there are a number of camera manufacturers giving away free VMSes. We'll put this on the list for a potential future test.

Sorry for throwing Avigilon in as I wanted to use it as a benchmark for the other free softwares. But they shouldn't be charging for long if customer uses a full Avigilon system. Just a guess from my part.

How about Aventura's VMS and PSIM solutions. They make some pretty wild claims and I personally would like to see them tested.

IPVM has already tested the low light performance of the Samsung SNB-5004 and found it to compare favorably against more expensive competitors. However, how does it's camera-side motion detection compare against other cameras which have already been tested and known to have advanced/reliable motion detection? Thank you.

We've already tested that one, too. It has very good range and deetection rates, but it's more sensitive to false alerts than most other cameras we've tested.

Fantastic! Thank you very much Ethan.

I'd like to see you guys review an iPhone app called RoomScan, which allegedly creates floorplans automatically by having you move your iPhone around a room and tapping your phone against a wall.

Dude... That's a free app. Why not test it yourself? I'm guessing you can hold your phone against a wall and press a button?

I like Ari's suggestion. I've asked Ethan to try it out. It's worth a short post. I am sure Ari can try it himself as well but it's likely applicable to a lot of our members.

Well, 1) I'd like to see what John and the team think, too, and 2) if it turns out to be useful, this will allow more people in the industry to find out about it. Publicizing good products (and warning against bad products) is a public service to the industry, isn't it?

How about VMS for video analytics thorough testing? Also, perhaps a Embedded hybrid DVR / NVR from known brands?

If such a thing exists, UTC/Lenel's post-Milestone video management solution.

any three vms' that have the clue to connect to cameras via TLS over TCP

any generic onvif or psia video client (yeah, even free ones, yeah, even ones I could download to my android too)

any analytics solution that has the clue to use SNMP, or CEF, or syslog, or SAML assertions, or any other IT-centric standards-based systems interface

NICE Vision Net 2.7 – NICE they are getting much better and I think they have made great strides. I’d be very interested to see how they stack up to the following;



March Networks

Of particular interest would be the way the systems handle alarm management and operator history.

I tried asking NICE if their PSIM supported SNMP and they said "what's that?". This scores a solid EPIC FAIL in my methodology. I think it would be interesting to see ipvm.com's reaction to them in modern times.

How about Ganz Pixelpro GXi series on camera analytics? They have a large number of configurations available on the cameras suggesting a lot of processing power.

"Imbedded Intelligence Technology - providing intelligent analysis of video with application areas including intrusion detection, vehicle monitoring, abandoned-object detection, people counting and loitering detection, as well as camera tampering and failure detection. All at an affordable price."

Along with a few other posts, I have an interest in a review of a Samsung camera. I'd like to see how SNP-6200RH's focused IR illuminators work in a real world test. The datasheet states that in total darkness this PTZ illuminates objects up to 100M away.

Are you any closer to reviewing the below mentioned companies? It would be really nice to see a comparison.

Thank you!

[IPVM Note: Poster is from Ganz]

Ganz offers the PixelPro GXi line of IP cameras with imbedded Intelligence.

Would like to see the GXi line compared against the others like Sony, Axis, Samsung, and Bosh.

Since the GXi line comes with some built in analytics, smart motion, zone, line, and presense, it would be nice to see how the line compares to the others.

Sure. They should compare it to Hikvision and others. and they should add a mildly intimidating amount of cyber testing so we're all sure it's not hard coded to root/1234 as the credentials or something similarly crude. Also, I'd like to hear what IPVM thinks of the documentation. If the fool who buys it puts it on the public net, shame on them, but the vendor should provide decent guidance in the manual. (No, the integrator won't read the manual but they'll know why we fired them when they're caught.)

By the way, the normal expectation is that vendor's marketing department will have some process to contact IPVM or other members of the press to get products reviewed. A vendor should not be posting in the normal comment stream to ask to be reviewed. While it can be a sign of a vendor team member participating, a good thing IMO, it can also be a sign their marketing department isn't quite with it...

Oh and of course you can use all your features with Onvif and/or PSIA, right?

Videonetics Mirasys Axxon Geovision NetworkOptix Qnap and Luxriot. Because rest of the VMS we have already tested.

VMS - With Salient being OEM'd as the new Amag CompleteView solution, I'm definitely interested in seeing that.

CAMERA - I know that IPVM typically leaves cameras in a default state with regard to low / high contrast light. I'd love to see your testing include the optimization of the settings for more of a real world scenario. Obviously, this would require manufacturer assistance or at least more tinkering.

ANALYTICS - Any 3rd party analytic options that integrate with the big 4 (Genetec, Milestone, Exacq & Avigilon). The don't have to be supported by all 4 of them, but at least be generally well supported with more than one VMS option.

"I'd love to see your testing include the optimization of the settings for more of a real world scenario."

We did a Optimized Camera Shootout a few years back, for most cameras it did not make much of a material difference, by this I mean clearly displaying increased tangible details like facial features or license plates. As such, we generally ignore. We do realize that it is a favorite counter by some sales people, "Yeah my camera sucks by default but if you know how to tweak it, it's the best in the world".

As for Salient, I do see interest growing in it. They are still pretty limited overall in market appeal / awareness but growing.

use cases for 60 FPS. Yes I looked in the archives I think this is a valid followon question...

I would like to see IPVM test Any Vision's facial recognition analytics.

There is a small, famous video analytics company in Munich, Germany which produces an excellent camera based Intrusion detection Plug In for AXIS ACAP Platform.

www.ips-analytics.com: IPS Intrusion Detection (camera-based)609

I would be very interested to read a test report about it.

vbr, Thomas