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What Camera Is Good For Exporting Stills That Can Be Used As Regular Photographs?

What non ptz camera with roughly a 4mm lens is good for exporting still shots that can be used as regular pictures of the ground when the camera is about 4 stories up? Preferably compatible with avigilon control center, and should be as inexpensive as possible.

Thank you

No answer to your question, just more questions to narrow down an answer... As far as what camera can export still shots, I don't know - hopefully others will. But still shots of unusable images don't do you much good regardless. :)

What is the FOV the camera is supposed to cover?

What evidence do you want the camera to provide? i.e. do you want to be able to identify faces? (PPF?)

A camera on top of a 4 story commercial building is ~50 high - what is the angle of the camera in relation to the scene it is covering? i.e are you shooting straight down on the sidewalk below (~50 ft distance; ~90 degree angle), or are you shooting across the street at that sidewalk (~75 ft distance; ~45 degree angle)?