What Camera Installation Features Are Important To You?

This arose from this suggestion by Jon D:

"Another bit of info that would be helpful for those of us who have to install cameras is whether or not they have a whip or an onboard connection. Sometimes you are surface mounting a camera on brick and need to account for the whip. If it is easier to find a camera without a whip (or removable) then it could make our life easier as installers."

What do you think about that? Important to you?

What other camera characteristics would be important to you?

Our goal would be to find a few high priority ones and have them trackable / searchable by our Camera Finder.

Remote focus, Auto focus, features which allow more remote adjustments

Auto eletronic Cut filters for day/nite settings as well as adjustable features built in

Autobackfocus, for light change s in harsh enviornments ( Snow to Cloudy Changes )

Motion Detection, Shading, Blackout Zoning, Soft Detection outputs for triggers included in camera

Extremes for Harsh Conditions ( hardened shell, Quality Glass for Domes, Housings) heaters,blowers ( Software Controllable settings )

Ability to add, turn on or off features remotely

Easy Software upgrades with out loosing ( settings/programed Settings)

Built in choke filters for Surge protection, Lightning protection , Better shielding

Better Chipsets built into the cameras for software programming of features

Better Installation software for the Set up of the cameras ( user friendly ) single software

Better Plug in Sockets for ease of installation (IP), Designed for the installation dept or programming dept ( not the confort or arrangement of the housing )

Multiple inputs for calibration , power , set up built in to the cameras or boards

ability not to use the factory connector plug ( Cable ) removable

Cat 5 Ip punch down sockets built into the circuit board for ease of installation

DC,Poe,fiber Adapters for applications built in to camera board ( Plug & Play modules )

cost should be around 500.00 to 1500.00 usd