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What Are The Biggest Video Surveillance Shows?

Interested in knowing. Thanks, Hernan.

The right show for each person strongly depends on where one lives as the best show is likely the best in your portion of the world.

That said, let me rank shows based on the largest numbers of products launched near or at them.

1. ISC West, April, Las Vegas - manufacturers tend to release more products early in the year.

2. ASIS, September, rotates in the USA - solid but lesser number of releases than ISC West

3. IFSEC, May, UK - a distant third with a handful of releases

4. Intersec, January, Dubai - very big overall show but only a fraction is surveillance plus is very Middle East / European centric

5. Essen, October, Germany (every other year) - very big overall show but very Eurocentric

Other notable shows:

Secutech, Taiwan, April - a big Asia show with tons of OEMs but few, if any, American or European manufacturers exhibiting

ISC East, NY, October - once a major show, not just a tri-state area event

There's many other shows that I've never been to in Latin America and China. I can't comment on them.

If I was a major end user or integrator and wanted to meet with the top people in the industry, I'd go to ISC West, even if I was outside the US. Otherwise, go to the biggest show in your continent.

Agreed. ISC West is the show for Security and Surveillance. I've only missed one year in the past 14 or 15 and that was only because my employer cut all travel. Besides, it's Vegas, baby! ;>)

I believe CPSE dwarfs all other shows.

Perhaps in total number of booths but (1) it's in China and (2) most of those exhibitors are small companies that most integrators or end users would never buy from.

I am not saying it is a bad show, just that it's a different animal than the shows in NA or EMEA. I am sure if you are looking for OEMs, shows like CPSE or Secutech (in Taipei) would be better than most non Asian shows (though ISC West has a fairly major presence of overseas vendors).