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What Are The Best PTZ Controller Keyboards?

I am currently looking to get a PTZ controller keyboard (i.e. one with a joystick to control and buttons to pick which camera).

This would be used in a Control Room frequently by an operator watching live feeds from about 14 PTZes.

Any recommendations on good, long-lasting models that work great?

Is this IP based or analog? In other words, are you connecting this keyboard to a PC or an analog matrix? If it is a PC, what is the VMS / software system being used?

These factors impact available options.

I see. Sorry, IP based.

Planning to hook it up to Network Optix at this point.

[IPVM Note: Poster is from Network Optix]

Currently in Network Optix VMS you can use control PTZ cameras with mouse and keyboard presets.

Joystick support is planned for 2.5 which I believe is about 6 months from now.

Hi, I've used the Axis 295 Controller for several years on a Axis 233D with no complaints. I have also used game joysticks from Logitech which do work, but are quite tiresome to use because of their high profile.

Seeing below that Network Optix won't have joystick support for a while, I would mention that I have also used joysticks on mouse only games quite successfully. If the system is windows based, you can download a free joystick to mouse converter, like this one. You can map the joystick movements to the associated mouse movements. Depending on the how the mouse handles the three degrees of freedom, you may find it useful in the interim.

There are IP based joysticks that allow you to control the cameras over the network separate from the VMS software. It depends on whose cameras though.

A, I want to emphasize that whatever VMS or keyboard controller or PTZ camera you choose, please test the combination out before purchasing.

I've experienced a lot of unsatisfied users where the combination worked poorly / sluggishly and with lots of delays. There's many factors that impact it so you have to verify your specific chosen combination.

Guys, Does anybody have any recommendations on an analog joystick that would hold up to constant use, almost 24/7/365? It needs to support Pelco-D and P, plus supportRS-232 & 485. This will be used with Digital Watchdog DVRs. The DW keyboard has not held up.

I have used the Axis T8310 system. Great products and you can buy only the components that you need. You will need to make sure that there is full integration. The joystick works with most VMS's but the keypad and jogdial components don't work with many VMS's.

I've had problems with almost every Axis joystick I've installed. I found a fatal flaw in them. When the joystick is released and not being used, they can stick (they don't always go back to a 0,0 x,y position), and it will cause ptz cameras to drift. Just my 2 cents.

At Pelco, we have a fairly large and mature offering of Keypads/Joysticks.

Our most popular analog controller/keypad/joystic by far is the KBD300A. It's a mature, time-tested product, and we sell a lot of them.

For a digital controller/keypad/joystick, our most popular is the KBD5000.

Thanks. That's great advice re testing the PTZ Controller with the VMS and these different models available and suggestions. Suprised about Network Optics not already having PTZ Controller Keyboard integration. I hope that update happens before we need to purchase.

We have used a KBD300 controller for Pelco analog PTZs on an analog coax system for several years and still going strong for that. Works OK.

At Videotec we have keyboards for IP and analog systems.

Just as an example

DCZ is a USB keyboard able to emulate a standard HID device as well as a CDC device

DCJ is a serial keyboard that supports Pelco-D and with 3 RS-485 ports on board

I could use some advice/ideas for a PT joystick. I have not found (yet) a solution to my particular scenario.


  • Axis Q-1932E Thermal Camera (Camera receives PT commands via POE via fiber from ECSD1000)
  • Axis YP3040 PT motor mount (PT commands received from camera via RS485)
  • Acti ECD1000 Video Display Unit
  • All POE devices

I want to connect directly to the camera PT mount to issue movement commands from a joystick via POE at the location where the ECD1000 is located.

Are there any joystick PT controllers which can connect directly to POE to power and control? If so what are they so I can research further. I have done some research using google but it comes done to using the right key words in the search to get anything useful. If you have specific model & makes in mind that would help immensely. thank you ahead of time.

PS - I am having difficulty getting the PT movement commands to come from the ACTi ECD1000 otherwide I would use that. (anyone with suggestings on proper settings on the ECD1000 for PT with Axis combo I have? ACTi helpdesk support was not very helpful)