What Are Some Best Practises For Conducting Video Surveillance Demos At Customer Sites?

We are creating a video surveillance demo checklist. Looking for best practises or checklists. Demos to be conducted with an emphasis on VMS features and Picture clarity.

1. LPR

2. Facial recognition

3. PTZ Auto-tracking

4. Tripwire

5. Counting

6. Heatmaps

7. Recording, Playback and Export of Video (preferably handover the footage of the demo to the customer - at the end of the demo)

What equipment should be carried in addition to the Cams?

When I set up a demo kit, I will usually bring the following-

Laptop (with all client software, and system pre-programmed)

Small Form Factor Server (something like an SV16 from Genetec)

Network PoE Switch

Networked Door Controller (A1001 or Edge Evo)

2-3 cameras

2 Car License Plates

I make sure that the server has previously recorded access control events, as well as video from our office for any analytics (heat map, AutoTracking, LPR playback, etc). It's a decent amount of equipment though, and takes a good sized suitcase/Pelican box to get it packed away safely.

Whenever I perform a demo, I generally try to not lug a whole surveillance system around. I generally have whatever software running on a laptop, then I use demo servers we have in our various offices connected to it. Depending on what customer I am demoing to, I generally have in one of the office, to demonstrate WDR I have a WDR camera and a non WDR Analog camera pointed in the same spot to show the difference in quality of analog and megapixel. Other than that I generally focus on the software and I will touch on some of the advanced features like tripwire, heatmaps, people counting etc, unless they are specifically asking for it.

I do mine at night period learned that the hard way and I take an IR illuminator (picture clarity)...cameras always look great during the day...Ask lots of questions to determine goals of customer in order of priorities prior to demo... Storage, night views or just like your check list primarily. Have to discuss maintenance schedules and potential RMR for you. Power up cameras for precise location prior to installation?

I've always wanted a mast (up to 16') to show the customers how the cameras will look. The only issue is that they are expensive and heavy. Will-Burt makes a push up mast that would work. Does anyone have a mast as part of their equipment?

I use a speaker tripod that goes up to 8 feet, and then a board with the cameras mounted hanging down. This way, the cameras are not all tabletop pointed right at your middle. Also, it is easy to just plug the cameras in, and not much fuss, as they are already mounted.

I will have a camera or two of interest to pass around and show the physical construction/features.

Usually I will point cameras out the window for WDR.

I like to connect to demo site to show off cameras already configured with analytics, etc., bandwidth/internet allowing.

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