What 360 Degree IP Cameras Are Compatible With Avigilon?

Besides Avigilon's own multi sensor cameras. What other IP 360 degree cameras work and support motion detection and dewarping, digital PTZ within Avigilon client sofware etc. Which ones have been tested and work well.

Any suggestions and thoughts welcome,

Hey Grant, to my knowledge the only other panoramics that are integrated are ImmerVision. So you can use either of their lenses (1.3 or 5MP) with a supported camera, or use an ImmerVision Enables camera with their M12 lens, simlar to the Brickcom MD-300 we tested.

Sony and Arecont are the best known manufacturers selling an ImmerVision dome. Arecont is listed as supporting Motion Detection by Avigilon, while Sony is not.

It's possible that one or more camera side dewarped panoramic models (like Axis or Panasonic)would work, but I haven't tested them in some time, and couldn't tell you where to start. Maybe another member has some experience.

Roshan, Grant is aware of that line. Note he starts his post with "Besides Avigilon's own multi sensor cameras.".

Sony SNC-HM662 Works with dewarping but no motion detection

Arecont AV5245DN-01-D Would not connect... Though I tested months ago

Axis fisheyes connect and record on motion but no dewarping

OnCAM From what I have heard work well but no motion recording yet.

You said the axis fisheyes worked with motion recording? Do you mean like m3007 and m3027? What driver does it install as? Onvif? I want to use a lot of these with an Avigilon vms, and was told by the supplier that it would not work with motion detection. I have ordered one m3007-pv to test, but it would be great to know if it works out of the box, or if it involves hacking. Thanks:)

Axis m3007-pv works using Axis drivers... no client dewarping motion detection works

Thanx:) Motion detection is all I need. Dewarping is realy not that important. Its only for detection/overview.

Thanks for your suggestions, I have got a loan Sony SNC-HM662 in to test and will let you know how that goes. It has an Immervision lense in which according to the documentation Avigilon should be able to dewarp.

@grant it does connect and dewarp. I have one connected to our demo system right now.

Thanks, yes I have tested it, it connects and dewarps but having issues getting good picture quailty, the stream I'am getting through Avigilon is not as clear/sharp as that directly from the camera?? Any ideas?

If you use the latest Sony firmware version 2.4 or higher the Edge motion detection in Avigilon would work via Onvif Profile S version 2.2 which Avigilon supports.

Do you have a link to firmware 2.4 for the SNC-HM662 as I can only find 1.2?

Thanks for the link but unfortunately that firmware is for the wrong camera. We are look at the SNC-HM662

Hi Michael,

I will check with my contact at Sony to get the correct link for this 360 camera.

It might take a few days to get it.

Arecont rep just told me two weeks ago that they play really nice with Avigilon and it works just well in ACC as any other VMS. I'm awaiting a loaner camera to see.

Arecont rep told me that they work just as well in ACC as in any other VMS.

I'm sure they do.


We have 14 of Sony model SNC-HM662 installed with Avigilon. It has been a battle to get them set up right, even now only 10 of the 14 are working correctly.

The 10 that are finally working do work well with the dewarping but I haven't had time to test the other aspects of the integration such a motion detection. Right now we are using a generic OnViff driver.

PM me for the Avigilon support case number in case you go that route.

Thanks, yes I have had mixed success myself testing a Sony -HM662 with Avigilon. It connects and dewarps fine, and records fine but motion detection doesn't work. Plus when running at the highest resolution the picture quality isn't as sharp as when viewed from the cameras webpage, plus I keep getting aritfacts showing up in the image quite often. At a lower resolution it runs fine.

I have also noticed that if you make any changes, do it on the camera not through the Avigilon software and make sure you restart the camera after any changes are made or some weird things happen.

So not totally satisfied as its only really half working? Don't really want to go down the Arecont route....

Thanks for all the information supplied so far by everyone.


I would look at the OnCam cameras before Arecont. As I stated before the Arecont fisheye camera would not connect to ACC.

Yes Grant, we have had the same results. Stay away from the Avigilon camera settings and do it all in the camera. The OnViff driver got rid of the artifacting and we were able to run the camera at the correct (highest) resolution and the bitrate didn't skyrocket like when we changed it in ACC. My lead tech knows more, hopefully our evergoing support case will lead to a final resolution.

I tried the OnCam camera, solid connection and worked well, I just wasn't impressed with the picture quality.

Why Avigilon doesn't come out with their own 360 single sensor I don't know.

Brian, Why do 10 out of the 14 work correctly? In other words, what is causing the other 4 not to work? And any special tips or tricks you did to get the 10 set up right?

We can't figure out why these 4 are acting differently. We need to do some more troubleshooting onsite and if we don't make any progress we might have to rma these 4 units.

I will ask my technician to give me an overview and what steps he has taken and the best course of action for anyone else dealing with this.

What issues are you seeing with the 4 that are not working? Are you having issues getting the cameras to connect?

Hi Michael, probably too involved to get into here plus I don't remember all of the details, sorry I can't elaborate. Very long and drawn out support case with Avigilon.

Hi Grant, these are the steps that my lead tech took to get the Sony cameras to work

Upgrade the firmware to 1.2

Search for the camera in Avigilon using ONVIF as the camera type even if Avigilon automatically discovers the camera

The camera should now show up in the discovered camera list above as “Sony (ONVIF)” type

Connect to the camera and select Camera type as “ONVIF”

Once connected in Image and Display set the Lens Type to “Panomorph A8TRT” and the appropriate view perspective

In order to dewarp the image you must use the hand cursor and zoom into the camera.

Side Note: Through Avigilon we have very little control over the stream settings. The only setting you can adjust through ACC is the FPS. Furthermore inside the Sony web interface Sony is using a 1-10 image quality scale with 10 being the best, ACC uses the opposite.


They dont like to feature competitors cameras by writing drivers.