Where Does Your Camera Say It Is Made?

Got a box from Techwin, says made in China. Was surprised.

What do others say? Sony? Avigilon? Axis?

Not looking to debate what they should say, just curious what they actually say.

The cameras we sell are made in Germany. It clearly says on EACH box, also in the camera itself, and not a sticker, it is part of the camera body. It is Mobotix.

I want to know too, specifically about Avigilon

Are these marked Made in USA, or Made in Canada?

Is it true for all of their cameras?

Made right there, in the Good Ol' Canada...

Which brings up an interesting legal point. Sure there are laws prohibiting saying "Made in the USA" unless certain requirements are met, but what are the requirements in the U.S. about saying "Made in Canada"?

Not implying that Avigilon is doing anything deceitful, we know they have factories there and here, but another company trying to avoid the stigma of M.I.C. without violating the "Made in the U.S.A" laws might think it worth trying...

Anybody know?

My reading of the US Federal Trade Commission requirements for "Made in USA" designates a product must contain "...no or negligible foreign content." Is that even possible with an IP camera? Are there imagers and DSPs and such made in USA?

Even the requirements for "Assembled in USA" (same link) disqualify products made of foreign components that are only "screwdriver assembled" in the United States. So buying all the stuff "over there" and putting them together "over here" would not qualify for even "Assembled in USA" status.

Just wondering.