Welcome Seth Bartynski To IPVM!

Join me in welcoming Seth Bartynski to IPVM! Seth joins as a software engineer.

Last year, Seth graduated from UPenn with a Bachelors of Science in engineering and came back home to the Lehigh Valley, where our Bethlehem office is based.

Seth has been here 3 months, doing a great job ramping up, already deploying a number of smaller items and building up to our mid-term goal of him working on new Calculator developments.

[UPDATE: just 10 months later, Seth has developed and we have released the new Phone Camera Calculator.]

He will be at ISC West, learning more about the industry, so please say hello to him if you see him.

Seth can be reached at seth@ipvm.com Perhaps fitting he has no LinkedIn profile... If you have any advice for Seth, suggestions for calculator development or anything else feel free to email him or leave a comment below.

Welcome Seth!

just out of curiosity, did John give you the ol’ FizzBuzz test from his Can You Code? post?

Thank you!  Not exactly, though this is a classic, and there are definitely horror stories about comp sci graduates who apply for programming jobs and can't manage to do FizzBuzz (see here, for example).  Then you have programmers who play "Code Golf" with problems like these, to see who can write a solution in the fewest number of bytes (see here).  For the record, my solution would not be as intricate as these :)

Welcome Seth!


Welcome! I look forward to meeting the IPVM team at ISC-W again.

Thank you!  I look forward to having a chance to meet some of our members!

the “disagree” above may be the lamest vote I’ve ever seen :)


Any updates on adding the alternate measurement options to the calculator? (Attoparsecs or Smoots in particular).


Thank you!  Potentially, though attoparsecs would have to be used in blocks of 1.2 x 10^(19) ;)

Welcome Seth Lord!

Thank you!  Truth be told, I have had someone take my name down as "Sith" before when placing an order to go at a restaurant.  My Dark Side was tempted not to correct them ;)

"If you have any advice for Seth.."

Noted, noted.

 pretty sure that Sean Patton could play a mean lead solo cover of this tune - but he doesn't play for an audience... 

he's too cool for that. :)


Oh Marty, how would you know ;)

I own (and am oddly proud of) my long-standing record as the shortest-lived IPVM employee ever:

2 months to the day.

so, yeah.... I might know ;)

2 months to the day.

yet it all seemed so promising at the time ;)

Que sara sara

When did the IPVM logo change? looks good.

Welcome Seth!

Earlier today in fact!  Thanks!

Thanks for noticing. Seth did a good job of finding the various places the logo was throughout the app and rolled out those changes.

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Seth did a good job of finding the various places the logo was throughout the app and rolled out those changes.

though there might still be one or two embeds laying low, hoping to avoid the bit bucket...

Welcome! :-) 

Thanks! :)

Seth has been here less than a year and already developed and released the Phone calculator. Impressive!