Weird Speaker Lineup For ASIS 2013

2 months ago, we discussed how Apple Co Founder and Dancing With the Stars veteran Steve Wozniak was keynoting ASIS.

Now the rest of the speaker lineup has been released and the weirdness continues. At first, we assumed that Wozniak would be the Friday speaker, typically someone lighthearted and funny to close the event. However, Woz is the Wednesday main kickoff speaker.

The Friday speaker is going to be Mike Ditka, the former coach of the Chicago Bears and inspiration for:

The most serious speaker is Thursday, when the former prime of Australia, John Howard will speak.

On the one hand, it is not clear how any of these people have anything to do with security. On the other, I am not sure how much keynotes impact attendance regardless.

I wondered the same thing about their speaker line-up. ASIS seems to be going down an unclear path. I'm very disappointed.

They have speakers at ASIS? Oh.

@Marc... that got a huge laugh out of me. Wish I could give you the thumbs up!

Don't say anything bad about 'da coach!

'Da Bearsss!

(Big Bears Fan)