Week 2 IP Camera Course Spring 2015 Quiz 2 Question Issues.

Having a set of questions with no multiple choice requiring a typed answer is not a good idea.

For example

What is the most common meaning of the term 'resolution' inside of the surveillance industry?

  • ? number of pixels (my answer)
  • Accepted answers: Pixel Count

What type of compression is within a single frame only but NOT across frames (i.e. MJPEG)?

  • ? Frame-by-Frame Compression (my answer)
  • Accepted answers: Intra

IMO both answers are correct, if you want to have us input the answer you might want to allow for some variations. Isn't the point of the questions to make sure we understand the concepts you are teaching, not just to copy from your power points? =)

Hey John,

The fill-in-the-blank style is actually very new. So far, we have received a lot of positive feedback on this style, as it requires a better understanding of the material than multiple choice.

That being said, we are fine tuning some of what you are describing here. We will continue to improve this as we move forward but do appreciate your feedback here.

We do allow for more than just one answer, but as you noted there are some possible additions we can make.

On the final, for example, all answers are reviewed, so something where you clearly know the material and have put an answer in that is not initially accepted will get marked correct and not negatively affect your score.

Thank you again John.

I can see the point about 'number of pixels' versus 'pixel count'.

However, 'intra' is the standard term used for describing that form of compression. It's important to know and cite that specifically and it's from the reading as well. Saying 'Frame-by-Frame Compression' when the question "NOT across frames" is really simply rephrasing the question, but not answering it.