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Looking For Vehicle Wedge Barrier Recommendations

I have a client that is asking for a wedge barrier for a drive. I have looked at Automatic Systems as I have had much success with their products in the past but they have basically pulled these out of the US catalog and the worry is that getting parts for a model they sell in Europe could be challenging. I have had discussions with Ameristar relative to their Sentinel product and they have been very helpful however I am concerned with a Hydraulic unit vs. an Electromechanical unit. I know that there are others in the industry such as Delta Scientific and Nasatka.

Has anyone installed one of these units? What has been the experience? Which is better / more reliable Electromechanical or Hydraulic? Any input is appreciated as I am flying a little blind on this one.

I think many vehicle barrier manufacturers usually won't sell you anything until you've taken a class to design, install, and maintain them.

These products always have the best videos at tradeshows, because invariably they are always smashing a Mack truck going 70 mph into them to show off performance, ie:

With that said, I would totally consider subbing that part out to a specialty installer. Too much extra-ordinary skills like excavation, concrete design, and field fabrication for most low-voltage security integrators. Usually fence companies will have experience with barriers.

Actually they never questioned the sale. Mind you we have a Civil Engineer, Electrical engineer and a GC involved so it is not like we are rolling 2 integrators out in a van with a jack hammer; however that would be funny if we did.

Sounds like they are less common than I thought since I cannot seem to find anyone that has installed one that can recommend one manufacturer over another.

Yeah, you sound staffed up enough. :)

I know from dealing with gate operators that electric drives /electromechanical are almost always preferred, because cold weather responsiveness and maintenance is so much easier. I am not sure if barriers are the same, but I'd guess they are similar.

I worked with Ameristar in the past just as a nobody shlub, and found them to be a pretty good company to work with. They were pretty respectful, despite us not doing lots of fence projects. They are definitely competent with high-security perimeters and are frequently spec'd in federal projects (at least in my area).

I really enjoy watching the front end of that truck fly off when it hits that barrier.