Web Client Without The Need Of Any Plugins

I have 2 installations were Axis 4k and HIKVISION 4mp cameras are installed. The remote live view on both sites is possilbe but it requires plugins. The client's company network block installation of plugins on company machines so is there any way to view the cameras on a web browser without the need of any plugins?

I am looking at a solution like the link below;


Login = Tewplus

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Talal, In general you will need to either do MJPEG only streaming or use HTML5 and a newer video streaming solution for H.264. We covered this in a test last week including issues with Axis and Hikvision web clients, see: Google Breaks Surveillance Browser Support

Specifically, yes, you can use a VMS that uses HTML5 and/or MJPEG streaming, like Milestone or Exacq.

What VMS are you using now? Presumably, it requires a plugin?

John - Thanks for the prompt reply.

I noticed that google has stopped surveillance browser support and I think it's been 3-4 months now.

Our client is currently logging in via web browser to NVR and no VMS is being used. Could you please suggest a VMS which will stream on HTML5/MJPEG?

Would it be possible to assign certain cameras to users using web VMS?

e.g. User1 (Site 1<Camera 2> Site 2 <Camera 4> Site 3 <Camera 1, Camera2>)?

Talal, as I cited above, see: Google Breaks Surveillance Browser Support

If your client needs to watch cameras on a web browser without plugins, you will likely need to switch to a VMS that supports this (as mentioned above, Milestone and Exacq are two).

Any member who knows of other VMSes who do not require plug-ins for their web clients, please share.

To clear up the Avigilon issue: they have two web clients. The first is installed with the core server and requires IE and ActiveX.

The second is installed with the Gateway Server which is used for ACC Mobile and uses HTML 5. Avigilon recommends it be installed on its own server, not the VMS machine, as per their documentation and tech support, who I just talked to. Though they said you could run it on the same machine if you only had "a couple of streams" or infrequent use, but there's no rule for what "a couple of streams" means.

System requirements on the Gateway:

John - I think I will give Milestone a go, any suggestions on what package would be best?

Talal, Page 5 of their comparison chart gives a good overview. I've screencaped the top of it:

Which one you choose depends primarily on (1) camera count, (2) features required, (3) price willing to pay. If you decribe a little more about your deployment characteristics, we can provide better feedback on which ones.

Does anyone know of a JavaScript/HTML 5 only web client that can display a generic RTSP MJPEG stream?

Something like this? http://www.videojs.com/

If only it did RTSP.

IPConfigure's Orchid has an optional "no-plugin" mode for its html5 web interface.


Come to think of it... Vigil has a no-plugin web player. Extremely rudimentary, but it does stream a single camera: