Weathershield Question

Hi All,

I am installing some Samsung SNV-7084R domes on an exterior wall that will unfortunately not be near a roof overhang. I know AXIS makes a weathershield and was curious if anyone had experience with either modding it to fit or if another compnay produces a weathershield that would fit. Or if you have any other ideas in terms of mounting. Appreciate the help.


Hello Chris:

Are you mounting the domes flush to the wall, or are you using some kind of right-angle bracket?

I am planning on mounting them flush with the wall.

That's tough. I'm not familiar with a third-party shield for flush mounted domes. There may be one, but looking around online I didn't find any generic offerings.

You may be more successful shielding the dome by using a gooseneck or some other right-angle mount with a shroud built-in. Is that an option?

This is the prefered way to mount...