We Are Not Covering The ASIS 2015 Show

As always, we are covering new products in-depth, e.g., New Products Directory - Fall 2015.

However, we are not covering the ASIS 2015 show, which is a change from past years (e.g., ASIS 2014 Show Floor Review and Manufacturers Unhappy With ASIS 2014).


  • Few significant new products are being released and what is new, we cover in-depth anyway.
  • Show coverage then become more of a critique of stunts and marketing tricks, detracting us from testing, research, etc.
  • We are ramping up China coverage and are sending Ethan to China for two weeks next month, which clearly have more value for explaining what is happening inside China.

Related, we will cover ISC West 2016 on-site as we expect more new products and ISC West to continue to be a much bigger show.

Any feedback or question, please share.

hopefully this won't be the year that all manufacturers decided to bite their tongue until the show ;)

As a manufacturer, we have found that it is better to announce before the show rather than during the show. Announcements during the show can often be lost in the mayhem.

Related: Savvy Marketers Announce Before Shows

I would say less than 10% of announcements were made today, compared to 90% in the past month.

If you are following the show on Twitter, it appears that the hashtags #ASIS15 and #ASIS2015 are both being used.

I really wish shows would designate an official show hashtag before the event begins.

Same random vendor promotions either way...

And yet, for some reason, we read them...

A new product in ASIS 2015 is from Digital Watchdog. They have a nice AHD DVR and also a panoramic AHD camera with virtual PTZ (it uses four channels from the DVR for this)

Also I saw new products from OPTEX including a camera that actually works as an stand alone unit for counting people and a device that can work with access control panels to detect if a person goes near another one without using an ID.

Thanks Carlos, we will do a post on the Accurance 3D anti-tailgating sensor.

I saw new products from OPTEX including a camera that actually works as an stand alone unit for counting people...

I doubt it broke a sweat at this year's show...;)

In my opinion, in would be very helpful if those that did attend this year's show would list the products that they found interesting or novel. Of course that may open the flood gates for a bunch of sales reps saying that their product is the best because of this or that. That would not be helpful...

I heard from an attendee that there were way more people working at the show, showing their products than people actually visiting the show...

Yesterday there was a lot of people, something like in the ISC West

Yesterday was good. Today was more like a reunion of people I used to work with...

No IPVM semiannual discussion on booth babes? I was so looking forward to that. Not.

No new models, so nothing to report...

We went up there for manufacture training; decided to kill two birds with one stone. We do not go to trade shows for the content/events, we go to socialize and make connections. Granted it is nice to see what products are on the market (very few this year at the ASIS); for us, it is getting the company name out there and making business connections.

The Dahua booth was far more interesting than anything else; the fact they are ramping up more exposure in the U.S. to match the offerings of other Chinese counterparts. We met a couple of Dahua North American Sales and Technical Support representatives.

Other than the free beer, screwdrivers (hardly none this year; Optex was the only one that was giving out screwdrivers), and social mingling, it was rather boring. Thankfully, our primary reason for travel was for another reason.