Want To Be A Physical Security Engineer At Wal-Mart?

Wal-Mart mentioned to us that they have an opening for a Physical Security Engineer. It's a neat position so I am sharing it here.


Here's the job description / application page.

Wal-Mart explained to us that they are "looking for someone to help research, develop and implement security technologies into stores and clubs that help reduce shrink or drive sales." You would be involved in "supporting Walmart and Sam’s Club projects (new/ remodels/ expansions etc...)"

They also mentioned that the "Individual needs to have a background in presenting business justifications to Sr leadership and creating ROI documents for budget justification."


You have to move (well unless you already live in Northwest Arkansas). Wal-mart mentioned that they pay for full relocation to AR, including helping to sell one's existing home.

The pay range is decent, especially with benefits and given the cost of living there, but it's below typical manufacturer SE level.


If you like physical security technology and challenges, this is a great job. Because of Wal-Mart's huge scale and sophisticated needs, you'll certainly be working on interesting tasks and looking at all sorts of new technologies. And manufacturers are typically very happy to share / explain / showcase products for the hope of getting a Wal-Mart order.

Finally, for your future career, it's great branding / validation having worked at Wal-Mart, as industry companies value the knowledge gained from having worked inside Wal-Mart and on such challenging tasks.

Again, here's the job description / application page.

Not exactly relevant, but that is a place id never want to work, regardless of how amazing the opportunity sounded....

Walmart Canada Layoffs To Hit 750 Workers | HuffPost Canada

The article claims 750 lay offs, but the number is actually significantly higher than that. They also dont mention that most of the lay offs consisted of mid level managers, some of which had been working there for years. My own mother had been working there since before it was even Wal-Mart (anyone remember Woolco?), over 22 years, and was given the option to drop to "lower level management" (less pay, working weekends, and overnights), or loose her job entirely.

My 2 cents (and yes, you can say its slightly biased), its a corperation that wouldnt hesitate to stab you in the back.

Walmart doesn't do cutting edge. This job doesn't mean working with premium brands and probably not even IP-based surveillance.

Cost control is a huge aspect of working for Walmart, and there have been many buying agreements defined by the Bentonville crowd saying "You'll do it for less than $X, or we'll find someone else who can do it."

In 2011, Walmart CCTV meant lots of analog cameras.

And the best news is, unless things have changed recently, no more pesky voicemails to listen to. As late as 2010 when I dealt with Wal-Mart, they have no voicemail system. If someone isnt at their desk, it just rings and rings...

I'm holding out for an offer from Disney, thanks.

Seriously, I visited Walt Disney World a few years back, and their surveillance was just astounding. Next level stuff. They don't even have to pay me, I just want to learn.

Ninja edit: I know I've mentioned this before and I don't care.