Want Advice On Cleaning Lens On Dome Camera Mounted 36' High?

Have an Axis 3007-pv mounted 36’ high above the tipping floor of a waste reduction facility. It’s been in use for 10 months. We’ve cleaned it once 2 months ago with a bucket truck. Looking for other alternatives beside a lift. Looked at some pole cleaners on line. Want a general consensus on a good quality pole cleaner.

Thanks Dwayne Grant

Axis M3007-pv

See: Camera Cleaning Tool - Domewizard and DIY

Brian or Ethan will likely have more specific feedback, but that is the closest related post.

John thanks, I saw that article already. Was wondering if anyone has any different options? Has a drone been retrofitted to accomplish this yet?

A drone, no. :)

Short of the extension pole, I'm not sure how you'd get that lens clean without getting up there with a lift.

We did a post on a lowering mount (No More Bucket Trucks? CamEvator). Despite that being overkill here, maybe you could rig up a mount with a similar idea? Use rope wire and pulleys to lower the camera for periodic cleaning?

If you're willing to sacrifice a sliver of your FOV to see clear thru the rest:

sorry for the Off-topic: too bad you can't find this guy:

We use a truck with a Grabbit with a extension for cleaning lites , works great , only reaches about 30 ' though so if your trying long pole , it wont work

The Problem I dont see or hear much about is not the dirt, but the spider webs, that streak across the housing an during the nite create effects on the illuminators , distortions, lite waves from other lite sources , and other effects in the videos

I once attached a sponge to an extention pole to clean a camera about 28' off the ground. It worked surpringly well!

Thanks with the sponge idea, didn't even think of that. Did you use water? Did you get water streaks after it dried?

Regular water. It was a fixed dome, so I gave a real good scrub on the viewing area, didn't care much about the rest of the dome. It was at our office, and a few years ago now (don't typically mount cameras that high with the new job). I don't recall any streaks, but it was also very, very dirty, so even with a few streaks it was a massive improvement.