Wall Vs Ceilling Installation For Domes/Mini Domes

What is the split you see between installing on ceilings versus installing on walls?

Depends on the application, but probably 50/50 between ceiling mounting and wall mounting with a bracket. Most of our outdoor domes tend to be wall mounted with a bracket. Most of the indoor are ceiling mounted.

Thank you Jon!

For the indoors that are ceiling mounted, what is the split between recessed and surface mounted?

100% surface mount so far, but if ever a need for flush mount comes about, we wouldn't hesitate. Most clients would frown on the larger hole needed to flush mount.

Very interesting. I would have thought the demand for a flush recessed mount would be much higher. Do you think it is purely because of having to cut a large hole?

Yes that would be my reason not to sell them. I don't like cutting big holes in anything if it can be avoided. And there is also the fact that most flush mounted domes really only hide a small portion above the surface. You are only hiding the back can, which isn't that big of a deal.

For interiors our experience is closer to 80% Ceiling / 20% wall.

For ceiling mount with "micro" sized domes we use flush mount most of the time. The main factor is ceiling tile vs hard cap surface.