Wall Mount NVR

Looking to wall mount an 8 channel NVR in some kind of steel enclosure preferably with a lock and key. Normally we would put up a rack and rack mount it but we need these units protected as they are not in a protected room and open to the public. My original thought was to use one of our attack resistant Bosch alarm panel enclosures, but they aren’t big enough. I know they make a wall mount kit for some DVR enclosures but it’ll take too long to get the wall mount kits here.

Any ideas are welcome...

How big of an 8 channel are we talking? Embedded recorder 8 channel size (about 14-15" long) or full rack mount size?

I have a DVR in my garage in an old Simplex battery box and it's worked well. It's deep enough to hold wall warts properly.

Could you get a locking NEMA box from a local electrical supply house?

Basically looking for 18.5 x 14.5 x 4.5

That's something I'll consider in the future. But this is outside of the original scope and the customer isnt looking on spending too much more. If we needed just one, it wouldnt be a big deal...but I need several.

Speco*, has a wall mount 8-port Poe NVR with a built in monitor. (!)

*Not a recommendation exactly, just something I came across looking for western made NVR's.

I actually really like this idea, I'm sure my warrantee will be voided if I rip all the components out and do this...but it might be worth it.