VPN Solution For NVR/DVR

Our typical install consists of Dahua DVR/NVRs. We usually use a simple Linksys router and use DYNDNS. But we are looking for a secure solution. In all fairness, this is how I was taught, and how my former company did it. Now I know better

I read the article here https://ipvm.com/reports/vpns

I plan on having an IT company that has a much better understanding of this, help us with this. My goal is to find a device that can handle the uploading of 16 to 25 cameras for remote viewing. In reality I do not think it will be more than 4 cameras as the clients are all using their mobile device. I can not remember the last time I helped someone configure SmartPSS that was not on the local network. So realistically they can only view 4 cameras at a time.

What are the steps here?

Calculate upload bandwidth of one NVR?

Would this device work? IPsec VPN throughput: 110 Mbps


I have a client running SmartPSS with 4 monitors and they have roughly 60 cameras up at any time. When I go to system performance, it shows an average of 30-35 Mbps. Is that an accurate representation of what they are downloading? Can I use that number to conclude that the Linksys with a VPN throughput of 110 Mbps would work?

I am asking the IT company to handle finding a client for the mobile devices.

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