Vote NOW (On IPVM Comments)

On the plus side, comments get a lot of votes - total since last year is 20,000+ and we have paid out nearly $10,000 so far.

But, compared to the number of comments made and the number of people reading them, voting could be much higher. Looking at specifically who votes, it seems to a relatively small group of people (easily thousands read posts weekly but maybe 100 account for the clear majority of voting).

I am hoping this discussion makes people remember / get into the habit of voting.

Every time you vote, IPVM pays your fellow members. And we want to do this. We want to recognize the people who contribute. If you agree, disagree, find something informative or funny, just vote below any comment.

Wait, if I create interesting and controversial posts that generate a lot of votes I can get paid by IPVM? I'm going to be a dollaraire or possibly even a tenaire before its all said and done - thank you IPVM!

Actually - thanks for reminding me I can vote... And contribute. I really do forget the voting is there unless for some reason there is something I find funny and then I remember to vote. And occasionally other times. I guess if something really moves me one way or another I vote and other than that I just forget or don't care to vote.

Funny gets a lot of votes.

But the category that I think is the most valuable is 'informative'. There are many times each day when a member will suggest a product, technique or share an interesting field experience. I generally vote them informative. I'd like to see more of that.

Btw, over 40 people got paid $10+ last quarter. And it would be more, and we would be happy to pay more, if more people voted.

But the category that I think is the most valuable is 'informative'.

How about an automatically updated list of the most informative posts of the month/yr/all time?

That's worth considering though that would be more valuable if people voted more.

I still want to focus right now on getting more people to vote. We have no problem getting people to read articles or discussions. It is just that most people reading ignore voting.

You could try paying people for giving votes as well getting votes!

Could work like this, you get nothing immediately when you vote for a given comment, but for every additional vote that comment receives after yours, you would get $0.01.

It's like a finders fee paid to those who find the good comments before they're recognized, but only pay if and when they are recognized as such. Have a daily cap so people use their allocation for only the best comments.

Probably a lot of work though systems wise.

2, that's clever, though I am not sure how much pennies are going to incentive people.

Right now, I'd like to start with more education. For example, we are going to add a check to see if a member discussions regularly but has not voted on any comments in the last 30 days. If so, we will add a highlight or a message, reminding them.

You're asking people to vote more but not giving them a reason to (besides not being reminded if they don't.) Payouts only incent commenters.

Last suggestion.

In the member section, create a list of "Comments I've voted Informative on."

This allow members to bookmark comments they feel are useful and encourages voting at the same time.

I would definitely use it and I would think others would too...

I am voting more now than ever before.

One suggestion is the addition of an UnFunny button.

Edit: On second thought, I agree. It would give better feedback than Unhelpful or Disagree.

I'd like to see a "why are you posting undisclosed button".

I voted that both Funny and Unhelpful :)