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VMS With Case Management

Hi Guys - need help upgrading to a VMS software solution that can handle the following tasks.

The VMS must deliver the following functionality:
• View live video with sound in multiple viewing locations within the main venue housing the VMS server.
• Ability to export recorded footage with transcoding to lower resolutions
• A level of metadata (multiple fields) is likely to be required in respect of each discrete video file (to be specified in discussion with staff) --> i.e. attach notes to video segments on a per channel per time basis
• Capacity to splice and restructure segments of native video files to create teaching video files in order to integrate with other teaching media in a multi-media context. This will require the capacity to “queue track” video in real time during live recording and in playback mode for native video files.
• Capacity to choose to keep only low quality native video (in low re-use value situations) either through a process of recording both high and low quality simultaneously and deleting the high quality files in appropriate cases, or recording only in high quality mode and converting to low quality for long term storage in appropriate cases.

The server is currently running NUUO Mainconsole IP+ with 5 x Dahua HDBW3202, 3 x Panasonic WV-SC385 and 1 x Samsung SNZ-5200 on an i5-3570 at 80% CPU utilisation. Customer is not happy with functionality currently.

I have read that 3VR VisionPoint has a builtin case manager - will it be an option I should look at?

Any other options?

I know GB can record audio for each IP camera that has an audio input. For hybrid versions there is an audio input jack for each analog video input.

Good luck in your searches. If you don't get a response back from GB soon, let me know and maybe I can get the USA office to light a fire under their butt.

Okay its looks like Geutebruck and 3VR will both work (however the extent of audio support on both is as yet unknown). I have contacted both a day ago but neither have call back yet - they must be drowning in sales...

I am surprised nobody has mention Genetec Security Center - which would have this feature no? Okay so I should be testing each myself but, well - everyone has there periods of laziness.

That 3VR case management is also impressive. I think Geutebruck may have something similar in their new G-SIM product which is a premium add-on for manageing multiple recorders over multiple sites with added reporting capabilties, but I'm not familiar enough with it to give details as in comparison to 3VR's solution, which like I said, is a nice reporting feature.

Yep, that voice is me, my small portion of broadcast fame.

Bohan, short comments can be added to each segment and comments to the overall backup file you create.

This is comment for individual video clip.

Comment for the overall export (whether it be a cut-list or regular backup file) during the export process.

On playback, you can either reload the cutlist file to see the individual line comments, or hold you mouse over one of the entries in the playback window and see a pop-up of the comment for that clip.

And in the viewer you can have it display the comments for the overall backup file.

Here's a video demo of the cut list feature which I believe is narrated by Luis (though embedding is disabled).

For Geutebruck:

Can text notes be added to video cut lists, segments, timeline bookmarks, etc?

Does Geutebruck support audio for each camera individually?


I second Luis Carmona's nomination of Geutebruck. Their cut list feature is similar to professional video editing software.

Bohan, this video overviews 3VR's case management, which is pretty sophisticated compared to the average professional VMS:

Morning Bohan. You might want to give Geutebruck in Australia (I assme you are in Australia) a call. It sounds like they will have a lot of what you're looking for. Exported video can be exported in full res (in either backup file or as raw h264 video, if it was recorded in h264) or transcoded down to 4CIF, and has a place for adding notes associated with the video (in the backup file format). You have a Cut-List feature where you can have video clips playback in specific sequence, even across different cameras. And they have a pretty robust database that can be split up into virtual "rings" where video can be split up, say high quality motion recordings go to one ring and low quality non-montion to another ring, and then set different video expiration parameters on the different rings.

GEUTEBRÜCK PACIFIC Australia (Head Office)
Suite 8, 40 Yeo Street
+61 2 89696302