VMS User's Permission Matrix

What's you ideal user permission matrix? ( what's the ideal preset values).

Example 1:

- Full Admin

- Power User ( has access to all features, but cannot create other users).

- Advanced viewer ( no access to settings, cannot manage other users, but has access to archive and live)

- Live viewer ( just live view ).

Example 2:

- owner ( system owner)

- admin ( can do everything, cannot delete owner ).

- advanced viewer ( cannot configure system but can create other viewers).

- live viewer

And so on....

What do you think right combination looks like?

Thank you!


Matrix can vary greatly from customer to customer... what market are you targeting?

I have presented a general picture of secure enterprise solution roles... Roles can be named as you wish.

If you have any questions or comments, please provide...



Thank you.
There is no specific market. Just abstract: small / medium business.
Your comment is helpful.