VMS Segmentation By Verticals

What is the current breakdown of Video Management software revenue by industry vertical? Can I have global projections for the next 3-5 years on VMS revenue by industry vertical? Thanks.

You can try buying an IHS report. I am skeptical about accuracy on such specific breakdowns but they do try to do that.

Beyond, do you mean VMS software only, excluding appliances and cloud? That makes it tougher to forecast because you have to be right about how the market is trending / shifting.

The big trend, overall, is towards NVR appliances and away from VMS software (outside of the enterprise level) given how low cost, simple and widely available Chinese NVRs are.

Thanks John. Yes, I'm looking at VMS software only- including analytics. I agree that for low-mid range camera deployments, NVR is preferred. My interest is on the enterprise side.